Josh B – “Day By Day” is a true triumph in Melodic Rap

Melodic rap will likely remain hot and still dominate the game in 2020, and the overall consensus suggests that melodic rappers are seeing so much success because of a growing audience that wants to sing along and feel good while they’re doing it. Sing-rap has almost become a genre of its own, and like any style, artists will find new ways to add their own flavors to it. Independent artist singer-songwriter, Josh B, from Brunswick GA, has been making music and actually pursuing it seriously, for 4 years.

But he has been singing his entire life and is a perfect fit for Melodic Rap which he brings to the table with his latest single “Day By Day”, as well as his previous mixtape “Josh Not Drake”, which features the song “Make Believe”.

Though unsigned, Josh B sounds like both a pioneer and expert in melodic rap – an iteration of trap music that joins hip-hop production with melodic motifs. This results in catchy hooks and harmonious bridges which give the aforementioned tracks great replay value.

The true triumph in this kind of music, however, is the sheer versatility Josh B expresses with it. The artist represents a brand of rap music that is introspective, melodramatic, and powerfully melodic. What separates him from the pack is his knack for storytelling, which he does poetically. And this much is evident on the heartbeat rhythm of “Make Believe”.

It’s visually descriptive lyrics like the ones on this track that act as an ally to the raw emotions in Josh B’s voice. Feature Purplo, adds the urban edginess to “Make Believe”, when he delivers his bars. Aside from the catchy harmonies, Josh B is also a creative rapper, capable of delivering deep and clever rhymes on command, as he displays an impressive sonic range.

One thing people may tend to forget, listening to Josh B’s melodic excursions, is the creativity of his flow. Pick any song from any of his projects, and you’re bound to hear the lyrical execution change up or down with ease, more than once during a song.

Josh B’s high and wistful lyrics come fast, wrapped in sweet harmonies, and then spread across a catchy beat, on “Day By Day”. You don’t even have to like rap music to be captivated by the melodic groove on this track.

When Josh B sings on this cut, it sounds like the start of an uplifting anthem made for singing along to; his soul-stirring vocals are paired with a warm keyboard instrumental to create the triumphant effect we hear on this signature song. Josh B builds upon a conversational and comfortable cadence as a key strength, and transforms his melodic rap into something more enduring.

There are a lot of exciting new artists who are about to breakout in 2020. If he keeps his momentum going, there’s no reason why Josh B should not be on that list. He has taken pieces of everything that influenced him and has masterminded it into his own sound.



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