Truek – “Balenciaga” creates a very particular aesthetic!

Truek is a rap hip hop artist, song writer, artist, entrepreneur, business man, promoting men’s luxury fashion. The rapper has freshly dropped his single, “Balenciaga” which is ready to make an impact. Despite any other ambitions he may have, Truek forges his way into the rap game by staying concerned with and true to the technical skill of rapping. With his taste and unwavering dedication to the underground, his catalog is filled with a variety of sounds.

Most will agree, that his songs are usually pretty solid; whether they be the bombastic, psychedelic or plain banging. Throughout his tracks Truek always succeeds with his amazing flow and charisma, as well as solid instrumentals.

“Balenciaga” sounds like same solid Truek, just with a new sheen of paint, as he delivers an atmospheric and emotional soundtrack, with a fashion conscious narrative. The greatness of this track lies in its ideas, the thinking behind the project is definitely where it shines as you can see Truek’s growth as an artist.

The high’s on this track are very exciting, finding the artist flowing in and out with the more somber beat and vocal pitching that comes out very well.

Truek’s vocal range is just as extensive as in previous appearances, adding plenty fuel to the fire. It has a lot of positives and potential. Truek uses so many different flows and beats and instrumentals throughout his catalog that it seems like he can stretch himself endlessly.

On “Balenciaga”, he funds yet another sonic identity. Truek is one whose sound and style is rooted in modern culture. And critics and fans alike, can agree on one thing; it’s fresh. It’s aesthetically pleasing, it’s layered, it’s new, it’s modern, and it’s influenced by all the things deemed cool by this generation

The song is drenched in a hazy beat, glittery synths, a slow rhythms, skittering hi-hats, catchy hooks and loads of references to bitches and high profile consumer goods. Truek is hitting a creative peak and thinking outside of the box and putting that experimentalism at the forefront and succeeding.

Truek is confidently at a point where he can consistently release quality music that’s expected of him. One minute, he’s bobbing on the beat; the next, he’s lullabying the chorus.

Ultimately, that’s where “Balenciaga’s” success as a single truly lies. The dreamy beat, the robust production, the confident and chilled braggadocio – it all combines to create a very particular aesthetic, perfect for late night drives or head-nodding smoke sessions. But it also has higher ambitions, as Truek progresses his sound while also retaining its essence.


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