Matilde Girasole – “In My Mind” emulates authentic emotions

Matilde Girasole and her production crew have always displayed a knack for crafting – and curating – strong pop releases, but the 14 year old Italian singer’s latest release, “In My Mind” sees her hone these skills further, resulting in her tightest, most polished project to date. Matilde has matured from her previous releases and done so admirably. She tells a story of her personal relationship experiences, without being overly graphic or tacky.

Matilde spews confidence in herself and her music, and she does so unapologetically. A winner of many awards, Matilde Girasole started to study voice, piano and guitar when she was young, and began writing her first songs when she was only 13 years old.

“In My Mind” exemplifies an artist capable of demanding the listener’s undivided attention and reverence. The Singapore based singer-songwriter navigates her way through a sonic environment that is introspective at times, manifesting the aura of a thoughtful and tender soliloquy, but invigorating and turbocharged with precision at others – a description easily extended to the versatility of the song as a whole.

“In My Mind” emulates authentic emotions and showcases her artistic coming-of-age with a beautiful cadence. It’s apparent that Matilde Girasole sings from her heart with an elevated maturity and honest vulnerability that goes well beyond her years.

The song certainly highlights a genuine reality that’s identifiable and understandable. It’s something many of her contemporaries can relate to their own lives, and that connection is really powerful in this song. It’s definitely an anthem for all the young people out there asking themselves the same questions as the pop singer.

Being a young artist, through the eyes of the cynical, means being naive. Truth is, plenty of growing pains, awkward phrases, and high-strung emotions decorate artists’ material from their earliest days. Despite being a relative newcomer at 14, Matilde Girasole evades the usual clichés expected from emerging teen artists.

“In My Mind” doesn’t sound like a teenager throwing her diary entries into a blender and hitting record. It’s a song by a young girl who has already mastered expressing vulnerability, navigating relationship complexities, and celebrating emotions without sounding too predictable or high-strung.

“In My Mind” takes conventional music standards and pop radio ingredients, and adds enough ambiance to keep it fresh and expressive. The premise is very basic and this could’ve been very tacky and immature but the sophisticated production, the heartfelt narrative and Matilda’s precise and passionate vocal delivery elevates this track. However, impressive technical talent is merely a prerequisite for competing in today’s world of mainstream music.

True greatness, instead, stems from the voice behind the vocals. Those who can convey meaning – that unique sense of whom they are, and what they want to say – are the ones that deserve admiration. Matilde Girasole belongs to this group. It’ll be very exciting to see what she comes up with next. Surely, it will be something impactful that’ll prove just how smart and capable one can be if they have a true sense of self.


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