Kplatinumm – “We Just Pray” has a clear message!

Music awakens the soul. Music can cure a broken heart or break it. Music also motivates. Motivation is something we all need at times. Especially in times like these. Songs like “We Just Pray” by Kplatinumm, will not only give you energy, but will motivate you throughout your day to accomplish your goals, dreams, and stay on your intended path in life. This is a song about survival in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Sharing these wise words is none other than a man who has spent over a decade in prison. Now finally home, he rediscovers the world in troubled times, and attempts to inspire with his words on living through a pandemic. Kplatinumm fires up a mean beat, delivers a vicious flow and has a sharp pen game.

Kplatinumm shows a focused vision, gratitude and a bucket load of faith, all across this track. But this isn’t just a song for Christians or people who are religious. This is a rap song for anyone and everyone who is battling things internally and externally. This is about having faith, hope, and understanding that everything will be alright if you keep faith.

What more inspiration do you need than to look at how Kplatinumm has come back from a very dark period in life. If he can keep on his mission to be inspiring and positive after facing serious adversity, you can find a way to work yourself through the fears of the corona-virus pandemic too. If there is fear in your life and you future looks dark right now, turn this song on and you will realize that no matter what, you can get through it with faith.

Kplatinumm’s energy and the passion behind his words make you feel his belief, his will to survive, to reach out and comfort others, and to thank those sacrificing their lives to save ours. Faithful people and those who strive to be, can easily relate to the following lines of the song, “Every night and every day, we just pray. Each and every single way. Pray to God and hope to see another day.”

Kplatinumm’s lyrics gives off an energy that makes us feel like we’re all in this together. It clearly communicates that these tough and trying times, but that we should remain confident, motivated, and empowered by our faith.

This song no doubt, also helps put into perspective everything Kplatinumm has been through to get to this point in his life. His message is clear: In life we face many obstacles and new unexpected events. However, we should never be afraid of challenges, if our belief system stays intact.

Kplatinumm’s voice resonates, and dominates a slapping beat, a sonorous piano, and a broiling bassline, creating a powerful atmosphere. Rap songs are among the most influential of all genres of music nowadays. Its song lyrics are often purposive, enthusiastic, and call to action.

Out via Platinumtalk Recordz, “We Just Pray” falls right into the middle of that description. Its lyrics and force can make you withstand your challenge in these tough times. Update your playlist with this track by Kplatinumm to keep you going no matter what Covid-19 throws in your path.


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