JClic – ‘Time To Shine’ – part of the new generation of producers!

We were all strapped in for a fusillade of stadium chiseled synths, ram-raiding kick drums and colossal basses bottled up into a tirade of enraptured EDM.  JClic’s EP “Time To Shine”, as expected, purveys all of that. But not for the entirety, as it features unexpected elements of gentler house, which proves to be a welcome break from the four minute long ear bashings from music fabricated specifically for the dance space. In the midst of the electrifying chasm, peppered with gargantuan beats, JClic instils a smooth and soulful dynamic on tracks like “Peaceful Ambience” and “Elegance”.

“Time To Shine” shows that JClic is brilliant at what he does, and for those who want to get all in their feelings on the way to a festival or to soundtrack a beach party, this will be the EP to keep on repeat. With each successive listen it becomes more apparent; every single note has a purpose, every snare hit and synth squeal was methodically placed and painstakingly produced.

JClic’s attention to detail is stunningly thorough, every single beat has been toiled over, worked and re-worked, ad infinitum, until what is left is nothing short of perfection.

This much transpires after listening “16bit” and “Wavy”. JClic has asserted himself as more than just another producer in a sea of sonic drivel, and by doing so, has created a classic sounding EP for the latest wave of dance music fans. Needless to say that JClic also delivers stunning melodic motifs. His style is complex and emotional, maybe a bit hard to sense at the first listen, but after a couple of times, it becomes hypnotic.

Unlike most of the artists that flood the EDM scene, it is JClic’s seamless integration of multiple sub-genres that will help him gain a foothold and bolster his sonic persona. The album is another testament to the nature of the hard working producer who never skips corners and delivers the goods track after track here.

The essence of JClic’s electronic dance music, is the continued search for beauty and perfection in the form of music. With this installment, JCic continues to touch emotions with the tracks that he has produced. This EP isn’t just about the continuous onslaught of banging music but more about the intricacies and subtleties that can be found in dance music today.

Even though he is just at the beginning of his musical journey, JClic is here to stay and is definitely part of the new generation of producers that blur traditional boundaries to create more powerful EDM music.  He streams on Twitch.tv, as well as produces music on Soundcloud. The Baltimore Maryland resident, will be releasing tracks every week.


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