P.N.P./daPimp&daPLaYa – “daPimp&daPLaYa” balances groove, bars, and beat!

“daPimp&daPLaYa” is a single by P.N.P./daPimp&daPLaYa, a group on the Billinium Records imprint, and distributed exclusively via The Orchard. So what crew epitomizes is the desire for togetherness, bros against the bullshit world that’s become about 1000 times worse since the culture of Hiphop & Rap got started. The reason critics were unable to elevate these two guys to where they should be, is partly because they simply haven’t taken the time to notice.

Hip-hop is a genre that thrives on freshness and the shock of the new: old school rappers rarely get to stand in the spotlight anymore, which makes the existence on the market, of P.N.P./daPimp&daPLaYa all the more extraordinary. The pair seem to have forged an instant bond over a shared love of real hip-hop that balances groove, bars, beat and self-awareness.

“daPimp&daPLaYa” is a delicious, soulful funky strut, featuring rich layers of falsetto vocals. Once the track kicks in, P.N.P./daPimp&daPLaYa never ease the foot off the accelerator at any point, as this track slaps and bangs. Nobody fresh out of the blocks could ever make a record this vital and smooth sound quite so effortless.

What seems to be a passion project, show two artists ripe in experience, and in the prime of their artistry. P.N.P./daPimp&daPLaYa don’t show any care for the current state of rap, as they set out to bulldoze the auto-tuned mumblers, trampling over all ideas and notions of what is popular in the emo era of rap music.

The two are doing what they want and couldn’t care less what anyone thinks. They are bringing back the classic aesthetics of rap. Via Billinium Records, P.N.P./daPimp&daPLaYa flex the power of independence. No artist signed to a major could pull this kind of vintage sound off. The two artists don’t exist in that world. They are free, they are independent, and they are getting down and doing their thing on “daPimp&daPLaYa”.

It’s always good to hear from talents who truly care about the art of hip-hop and the craft of rapping. That’s the beauty of experienced artists who continue to sharpen their pens in hope of being better than who they were. P.N.P./daPimp&daPLaYa is a beautiful example of hip-hop artists who still care about quality music and quality lyrics.

P.N.P./daPimp&daPLaYa are an antidote to those new-wave rappers, eschewing simplistic hooks and everything trendy while maintaining a fresh, groovy sound. Though they never rant and rave, there is a power behind the delivery that grabbed me. They seem to rap with purpose. They are real, as opposed to so much mainstream hip hop that just sounds like processed digital cash registers in the pockets of record executives.

P.N.P./daPimp&daPLaYa is the sound of two guys that completely get each other, and are clicking on a higher level – non-conformists who are both technically gifted and independent to the core. A word has to be said for the basslines on this track, which are so enormous that they should come with a health and safety warning.



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