PhillyTF – “Billy Jean Drip”- a fully engaging listening experience!

PhillyTF is not your typical hip-hop artist. Calling Dayton, OH home and having lived in Los Angeles, CA, he has strong faith in his Christian beliefs. The mission has always been the focus with PhillyTF: “My aim is to give the culture a different light to see and hear. It’s not about pushing religion or beliefs but rather showing my belief in how I walk, talk, and treat others,” he says. Philly’s previous release “Sauce 2 Tuff” featuring Steven Malcolm raked in the streams, as did its highly anticipated follow-up, “Woahh”. Now PhillyTF is pushing his latest Michael Jackson, trap-inspired single “Billy Jean Drip”.

There are just so many questions that come to mind when pressing play on “Billy Jean Drip”. These include, but are not limited to: Is there a beat PhillyTF can’t flow on? How many vocal nuances can he fit into one bar? And of course, the obvious, How far will he push the trap envelope? PhillyTF is an eclectic artist who doesn’t see any boundaries or limits once he’s riding a beat.

He weaves these traits through catchy hooks and twisted adlibs. In classic creative fashion, PhillyTF is able to switch pace from slow to fast, and back again, throughout the song, keeping the listener engaged.

He knows how to captivate an audience with dazzling detail, as every moment on this song will testify. “Billy Jean Drip” moves at a pace only, PhillyTF could set, a rhythm that captures the uniqueness of his style without any overwhelming elements.

PhillyTF’s energy is up right from the start. The slow burning groove is ridiculously infectious and the rapper snaps on his verses. This guy literally is a vocal chameleon, and remains in rare form throughout the track, his baseline unorthodoxy and visceral grisliness prominently in view.

He contrasts his more straightforward delivery with high-pitch energy, reaching for the edge of his range before rolling back down and unloading other eccentricities. All executed in a fashion that grabs the audience’s ears.

There isn’t a single moment where PhillyTF sounds dull, repetitive, or out of place. In fact, the most endearing quality of “Billy Jean Drip”, is Philly’s focus. He sounds like an artist who actually cares about delivering a fully engaging listening experience.

One only he could give. From that perspective, “Billy Jean Drip” is a success. Truth be told, at the core, PhillyTF is rapping as good as anyone in the trap game right now.

There is no doubt that “Billy Jean Drip” will entrance and mystify audiences with its convention-challenging mix, while PhillyTF’s elastic flow is the track’s best quality. He’s able to stretch and twist his voice into his greatest weapon, turning this project into a vibrant, engaging work of art.

OFFICIAL LINKS: MUSIC STREAMS – IG: @Realphillytf – Tiktok: @Billyjeandrip – Twitter: @Realphillytf – YOUTUBE


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