Kid Vicious – “The Pull Out Method” consists of 7 carefully crafted tracks!

Bucking the trends and pigeonholing of what a Hip Hop producer should listen to, Kid Vicious often finds himself lost in a soundwave of blues, soul, punk, classical and death metal claiming that his eclectic taste allows him to think outside of normality when he is composing a beat. Amongst his love for skateboarding and spending time with his Pitbull Tinkerbell, Kid Vicious spent his time teaching and immersing himself in the art of music production and forging his own unique blend of hip hop that balances the modern elements of the new age with a sprinkle of the old spice reminiscent of the good old boom bap era. His first debut EP, The Pull Out Method, is now ready for release.

The Pull Out Method consists of 7 carefully crafted tracks featuring MC’s from Melbourne and is a celebration of the Australian Hip Hop culture. Cutting no corners and taking full ownership of this project Kid Vicious produces and mixes all featured tracks. The first single from the EP, Headspin grabs your attention right from the first chilling piano keys.

Hard kick drums and nasty snare snaps paired seamlessly with a heavy bassline gives a head nod to the early 2000’s. The layers matched perfectly with a fainting whistle and rounded off with a catchy hook delivered by the young Melbourne talent Isa Ac caps off this well-tuned instrumental.

Following up with a second single determined to demonstrate he is no ‘one trick pony’ Kid Vicious teams up with Eloquor on The Good Stuff. The single stands strong with a catchy hook that will be stuck in your head for days, clever word play, and witty punchlines delivered by a true Australian Hip Hop veteran. The vocals weave between an instrumental of blues and soul laden guitars and searing horn stabs. A music video was also released to coincide with the single and demonstrates the fun and humorous side of both artists.

The Pull Out Method continues to deliver in versatility and creativity. The intro sets the mood with DJ cuts provided by DJ VixSkratch welcoming you into the EP as he scratches his way over a warming instrumental that draws your attention in and gives you the sense that you’re about to hear something very special, and you wouldn’t be wrong.

Track after track delivers on this opening promise and you cannot help but go back and listen to this EP over and over. A clever mind, creating clever music. With a debut release and no sign of slowing down anytime soon Kid Vicious promises to grow and develop as a young fresh hip hop producer. It looks like the new kid on the block is moving in for good.



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