Lowkeii Kidd and Soul 3lu – Getting ready to drop “3LUKIDD 2”

Lowkeii Kidd, Praduc and Soul 3lu, are three artists on the Miami, FL based Scott Boy Music Group LLC, headed by CEO Omar Scott. They have released 10 singles and 2 ep’s since getting into the music industry back in 2018, and are now getting ready to drop the “3LUKIDD 2” EP scheduled for 10/23/20. This project is the follow up to the original “3LUKIDD” released 10/23/18, which is available on all major download platforms.

The single “Hoe Shit”

In the meantime Lowkeii Kidd and Soul 3lu have dropped the single “Hoe Shit” which is streaming everywhere right now. While “3LUKIDD” looked to solidify their reputation, with the new single, the rappers add undeniable musicianship to their already impressive arsenal.

With a track full of sharp wordplay, bouncy production, and unabashed swagger, Lowkeii Kidd and Soul 3lu are staking a legitimate claim for themselves in hip hop’s top tier entertainment class.

On tracks like “Hoe Shit”, Lowkeii Kidd and Soul 3lu lean into the role of rappers-as-street-poets, and though their lyrical assault is relentless, it never feels forced. Instead, they casually string together proverbs bar by bar, calmly constructing their own explicit lyrical odyssey. The commitment to nuanced lyricism comes out in intricate, multilayered bursts of wordplay.

The song oozes head nodding groove so much so that at a glance it’s easy to miss what they’re rapping about. Enhancing the record’s overall strength, Lowkeii Kidd and Soul 3lu’s execution is flawless. Their ability to write a hook is also enhanced by their fixation on wit.

On “Hoe Shit”, Lowkeii Kidd and Soul 3lu are comfortable and focused, openly brandishing the flow and wordplay they hinted to on earlier releases. Dense, intricate, and irresistibly cool, it’s a definite step up, even from their already impressive work.

One of their greatest gifts is an incredible knack for coming up with brilliantly catchy lines that instantly grabs your attention. Lowkeii Kidd and Soul 3lu are not just rappers that have something to say – they are emcees with distinct voices that instantly captivate you.

The upcoming EP “3LUKIDD 2”

If you look at all great rappers whose music stands the test of time, they all have a key ingredient besides lyricism. In an era of hip-hop largely defined by immediacy, both Lowkeii Kidd and Soul 3lu are refreshing standouts.

On the single, “Skinny Jeans”, Soul 3lu’s message comes across incredibly clearly without sacrificing potency. “I don’t wear skinny jeans cause that glock won’t fit,” he raps, exhibiting a dizzying streetwise flow. Evolving and free-roaming drums drive the beat giving Soul 3lu freedom to explore different pockets and patterns throughout his verses.

The wordplay and themes are fleshed out on these singles, giving each line extended metaphor and more impact. Regardless of your familiarity with Lowkeii Kidd and Soul 3lu, and their previous work, I cannot stress enough that you should listen to these new tracks, which serve as a good primer before the release of the EP “3LUKIDD 2”.

With these releases, Lowkeii Kidd and Soul 3lu, along with the Scott Boy Music Group LLC have clearly fired a warning shot to hip hop’s elite, and there’s nothing to suggest they don’t have plenty more left in the chamber, come 10/23/20.

FACEBOOK: @sbmg2100
INSTAGRAM: @scott_boy_music_group @lowkeii_kidd @praduc_21 @soul_3lu_music
TWITTER: @scottboymusicG1
YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/c/SCOTTBOYMUSICGROUPLLC


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