Christian Romero – “GA$ PACK” – thoughtful lyricism and wavy beats!

When a new rap project drops, it’s always expected to be an incredibly dense thematic experience with thoughtful lyricism and wavy beats, and if its appropriate for a smoking session, that’s cool too. “GA$ PACK”, the newest album from the upcoming rapper Christian Romero promises all those aforementioned elements, while the album’s concise length makes it entirely digestible and engaging. At 11 songs and just over 30 minutes, “GA$ PACK” takes everything he did so well on his previous releases and compresses it into a full but brisk recording that highlights Romero’s strong rapping and some of the best instrumentals he’s rapped on so far.

The recording begins with “UNDER$TOOD” where the beat is tight and aggressive, featuring a keyboard and skittering hi-hats to drive the track home. It’s simple, yet appealing and fits Romero’s flows nicely. “I will never stop my grind until I’ve got food on my plate,” raps Romero, showcasing his ambition and will.

The quality of that track is representative of how good the following songs are as well. Highlights like “MAINTAIN” and “EN3RGY” are quintessential Christian Romero tracks that encapsulate how he blends smooth chill beats, incessant hi-hats and a nonstop breathless flow. This isn’t a reinvention, but an innovation in rap music. It’s a step forward from Romero that allows him to shine his brightest on a tight album that has barely any cracks in it.

Christian Romero is a thinker and with great introspection comes seasoned thoughts. Duly, Romero will be defined by the expression of those seasoned thoughts. His ability to wander lyrically, to reveal truths and subtle realities is what lead to this conclusion. Across “FANTA$Y” and “$4T$KY” Romero does that same wandering to reveal personal visions.

His rhymes are poetry featuring off-kilter bars, unusual schemes and winding ideas. Romero’s lyrics are so hypnotic that they can fool you into thinking he’s dropping serious knowledge even when his merely mesmerizing you with personal anecdotes.

He pulls off this trick on “BA$IC$INTERLUDE” before switching into the minimal “MIA”. The woozy synth and counting hi-hats do plenty to reinforce Romero’s delivery, on “BACKAROUND” and “CHO$3N ON3”, in an effort to display his cold confidence when flexing.

Throughout the rest of “GA$ PACK”, Christian Romero’s methodical bars are complimented by slow, hypnotic production. Unafraid to let you think about his bars, production is understated, and punctuated with consistent hi-hats and watery keys.

From “CA$HFLOW” and “NEVARELATE”, to “KEEPMYPEACEOUTRO”, the album continues to set a rhythmic, but laid-back tone while it points out the lyrical and rhyming attractions brought forth by Romero. And he’s doing what he does best. Stacking clever bars one after the other over these enjoyable beats.

All in all, “GA$ PACK” is an interesting project from Christian Romero, to say the least. Those looking to hear his technical skills and charisma on the mic will certainly have a field day here. Fans will love bobbing their heads to the sleek production and unpredictable rhyme schemes Romero brings to the table. This is the sound of modern rap, done differently…

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