Luigie – “Disconsolari” – sultry and emotive cohesiveness

Luigie is a singer, songwriter and producer from Ventura CA. he has a 7 track project out called “Disconsolari”. It is his debut album, described as a recording, “with an array of emotions fueled by insomnia and discomfort and a final send off from high school life. The title coming from various Latin words for “without” and “consolation”, ultimately forming an entirely new one for the feeling evoked.”

Beginning to end this album is phenomenal to say the least, actually, it’s emotional, creative and any other word that is positively captivating you could attach to it. Songs like “Let Him Know”, “Look At My Face”, “Someone Else”, “Show You”, and “Missing You”, are the reasons why we listen to R&B and Soul music. Everything is on point and perfect on this album – from the smooth production, silky vocals, and heartfelt lyrics – as they all perfectly mesh and create this sultry and emotive cohesiveness that is impactful.

Each track is an episode that plays into a grand arrangement of emotions, as Luigie displays mesmerizing storytelling skills. “Disconsolari” is a healthy addiction and Luigie’s voice, the lyrics, the compositions, the depth and personal way in which Luigie expresses the emotions we may feel every day or at least at some time during our lives, is a wonderful art. While this album is accessible, it only grows better with repeated listening as Luigie’s thoughtful nuances are revealed.

You don’t need to enjoy R&B and Soul to love what “Disconsolari” has to offer: these sounds have something for everyone. It’s an album that works well as a cohesive whole, but each song here is able to exist and breathe on its own.

Moreover, Luigie has a voice that you can really get lost in. His songs are deep and have meaning, while they have good beats and sound great all-round. “Disconsolari” is compelling, imaginative and a breath of fresh air compared to the sound-alike mass produced productions we are forced to listen to every day.


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