WaveyOnShore is the complete package!

An exciting new rap artist from Toronto, Canada, WaveyOnShore, is all set to make a splash in the hip-hop world. His brand-new sound with exciting catchy beats and gripping lyrics is a refreshing and much-welcomed addition to the art of hip-hop. His brand-new track “Sleep Off The Pain” is one of those songs that hook you in at the first second and takes you on a musical and lyrical journey. His vocals are filled with passion and emotion. His lyrics are poetic. The melody and the beat complement each other and draw the listener in with no intention of letting go.

The 808 baseline and contrasting trapish drum patterns create an alluring sound that carries the thought and emotions of the listener with their fast momentum. The whole song is a work of art and shows incredible maturity in sound. The level of skill and passion that is in the song really drives home the emotions and feelings that WaveyOnShore wants to convey to the listener.

It is a rare thing to find a genuine artist who goes against the trends and makes it hard for the audience to relate them to an existing artist. And doing so with finesse and level of skill that wows the listener. The themes discussed in the song are also very hard-hitting as they bring attention to some serious issues that we all face in our daily lives—manipulation and being taken advantage of. The song shines a spotlight on these issues without being too serious.

The most unique thing about WaveyOnShore’s music is that it is deep. The hallmark of a good lyricist is that they don’t make their message direct. The essence of their music subtly makes you realize what they want you to know. It is not much different than a revelation. Wavey’s words will stay with you long after the song ends. This kind of lyrical and musical mastery requires a serious level of skill and wit to pull off.

Wavey does a brilliant job of grabbing the listener’s attention and taking them on a ride with him, through his thoughts and words. WaveyOnShore comes from humble beginnings, and his struggle to achieve a level of success that he aspires for is inspirational. His dedication to his craft and his natural talent of lyrical wit is a rare combination that will surely make him stand out from the noise.

WaveyOnShore’s message through his music though complex and deep circles around the notion of helping yourself and others. He believes that hard work and struggle can take you the heights that you want, and you must follow your dreams. His work is a testament to his thoughts.

There are very few artists nowadays who say it like it is and do it in such a way that it allures the listener. The depth and subtly of the themes that Wavey discusses are very mature. His sound is fresh and genuine. His lyrics are emotional and heartfelt. His flow is fire. WaveyOnShore is the complete package. Keep an eye out for his new track; you won’t want to miss it!

Connect with WaveyOnShore on INSTAGRAM and his WEBSITE. Listen to his music on SPOTIFY

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