Ayyo Yung Gotti – “Turkey Butt” is full of attention-grabbing elements!

Born Nelson Gabriel Alvarez in Puerto Rico, Ayyo Yung Gotti takes his last name from “God Only Talk Through Intelligence”. Inspired by Big Pun, Gotti already discovered his skills via rap battles when he was 13. By 14 he was already living on his own, and getting to grips with the rough edges of street life. All the time Ayyo Yung Gotti was grinding, performing and working shows, improving his craft and putting out new music. Now together with his manager James Raymond, and the team over at JamMar Moguls, especially Executive Marketing Director, Jamaica Johnson, and CEO/Creative Director, Marlana T. Alden, Ayyo Yung Gotti is stepping up his game. And he is doing so with a brand new track, entitled “Turkey Butt”.

The idea for the track came from JamMar Moguls’ “Rising Star Producer” Aaron Peil, explained Ayyo Yung Gotti. Aaron needed someone to rap the track, and took the project to Gotti. “This song is a shout-out to all the intelligent, strong, independent ladies out there who are proud of their beautiful ‘junk in the trunk’,” concluded the rapper. “Turkey Butt” offers tongue-in-cheek lyrics, catchy flows, and a hypnotic production.

The rolling crispy hi-hats, pulsating bass, thumping kick drum, and cinematic synths are an appropriate backdrop to Ayyo Yung Gotti’s off-the-wall, vocal flow. Gotti’s flow on “Turkey Butt” is always in the pocket, subtly conversational, and riding the beat with precision. It blends well with the banging instrumental as he effortlessly switches up the gravelly tones of his vocals at a moment’s notice.

“Well let me tell you a story about something that I saw. I was at the club looking at a girl uhh. She was doing weird things. I don’t know what was going on. I told my boy what she doing, he told me that’s that turkey butt,” exclaims Ayyo Yung Gotti, as he takes us off on fun and witty journey. Gotti has plenty of charisma and star-wattage built into his persona, while he’s vocal delivery is instantly recognizable.

Ayyo Yung Gotti has a great sense of expression when making music, which gets you hooked on “Turkey Butt” and you really don’t get why at first. This is because he has the right foot on track when he makes a record. Over and above his skillset, Gotti puts in courage, tenacity and passion. You can hear the energy and grit in his voice, all over the record.

Ayyo Yung Gotti understands a lot about his style which makes him get exceptional results out of his performances. But before you even get a chance to break down the bars on the track, the production is guaranteed to reel you in. This all makes Gotti’s job even easier. By the time he gets to the chorus, you’ll be nodding and weaving to the bump and grind of the groove.

Ayyo Yung Gotti may be fairly new to the industry, but he’s ready to stake his claim from the get-go with “Turkey Butt”. Chock full of attention-grabbing elements, the track offers exactly what fans of the style crave – a head-bobbing beat and exhilarating wordplay. The song proves an easy listen that will win fans over instantly. There’s no denying that the song itself is a bonafide banger, complete with reckoning bass, catchy bars, and a powerful sound.

There can be no doubt that Ayyo Yung Gotti is heading toward being a fully functioning part of Houston’s thriving rap ecosystem, but within that context, he has the talents to be an unpredictable expressionist, one who could make more music, and more career steps forward, than anyone could reasonably expect to keep track of.


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