All eyes will soon be on Denver Rapper S.A.

Recording in his home studio, S.A. has been making music since he was 13. He has released a series of banging tracks, covering a lot of thematic ground – from politics to social issues, and parting tracks to street anthems. His ever-growing catalog includes the impacting singles: ‘So Fly’, ‘Get Loose’, ‘Drowning in Tears’, ‘Whats Poppin’, ‘Fake Ass Mafioso’, ‘God Forgive’, ‘Reality’, ‘What Do I Do’, ‘Underground’, ‘Keep It Bumppin’ and ‘Let Me Go’ (Illusions) ft. Stevie Stone of Strange Music.

The rap and hip-hop game is always changing. While hit tracks can still pop from mainstream airplay, the headline-grabbing successes these days play to the viral potential of the internet, where YouTube plays, Spotify and SoundCloud streams are king. This is where rappers have their best chance to turn heat into fire — if the moment’s right and the timing’s good, a lesser known rapper can become a sensation overnight.

A handful of underground rappers are making big statements on the net right now, and this is the game S.A. is currently putting his chips on. All eyes will soon be on S.A. as he pushes his ‘Get Loose’ ft. Constantine single.

Here the rapper is a perfect combination of eccentricity and authenticity. His easy flow and infectious hooks marry perfectly to the impeccably curated beat he jumps on, especially when steeped in the slower, hypnotic swirls.

‘Get Loose’ ft. Constantine hits an impossible sweet spot with its sparkling production and downright transcendent hook. Joe has a one-of-a-kind voice, marked by rubbery flexibility and a conversational ease. S.A. switches the template on ‘Fake Ass Mafioso’, where he goes after Trump in no uncertain terms. S.A. lays out a long list of Trump errors and injustices.

‘Fake Ass Mafioso’ is the perfect setup for the Denver rapper to make his best lyrical moves, as he turns up the aggression and his political consciousness. Here S.A. peddles a raw, succinct banger, optimized for quick consumption and maximum impact.

It’s the kind of bold musical statement that cuts across musical boundaries. S.A.’s delivery is straight fuego, an overwhelmingly fluid, affected slur of a Latino-styled cadence that creeps into your system.

With a steady barrage of new music flooding the airwaves every day, it takes a special artistic blend to cut through the noise. While his peers are flirting with vices, S.A. seems serious about his craft. His vocal gifts, coupled with his ability to write both carefree party songs and deeper, more emotionally, and politically sensitive songs, is what sets him apart from the swarm of upcoming rappers. Not to mention his confidence.

S.A. clearly wants to artist establish himself as a dynamic musical force. In fact he comes out and states it openly: “My dream is to be signed to Strange Music and eventually start my own label,” says S.A.. The addition of these latest songs to his repertoire demonstrates his consistent growth as an artist and solidifies S.A.’s presence among those to watch in 2021.


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