Berani – “If At All” reels its listeners right in!

Berani is back on our pages, and better than ever. The DJ/Producer has released his latest single called “If At All”. The song gives us major atmospheric and bouncy synth vibes, and stands out from all the new music we have heard lately. From the zouk bass flavors of “All Day We Demonstrate” to the flawless, futuristic-retro fusion on “Cut And Taste”, Berani has never been one to get stuck in the box.

His emotional, versatile sound proves time and time again that electronic can extend beyond the conventional norms. This is shown in Berani’s most recent artist track, where he takes yet another creative sidestep.

“If At All” forges an insistent mid-tempo beat, with tropical undertones and a retro lead synth motif which drives the melody. Vocal adlibs are very sparsely used to add an extra soulful dimension to the arrangement. As usual with Berani’s work, every interlude, every lead, and every bass line is perfected, as the music maker reels his listeners right in, like fish to bait.

“If At All” is bound to transport you right into the progression of the chords and without a doubt, will have you leave all your worries behind. This is one track that separates itself, by having a pop essence without a lead vocal, and the potential to carry itself over into the massive mainstream world. This is the perfect song to blast with your top down, driving through South Beach.

It certainly has a catchy and energetic chord progression, but remains comfortably smooth while the drums steadily bang out the beat. It’s just pure bliss. As usual the electronic beat-maker from Byron Bay on Australia’s east coast, manages to convey his messages through rhythm, sounds, tones, and vibes. Berani never ceases to amaze, awe and challenge his music contemporaries, even with the uncluttered simplicity of a song like “If At All”.

In only a two and a half minute duration, “If At All” allows Berani the space in which to express his creativity in full flow, unbound by limitations and to fully expand on his musical ideas.

Clearly he is able to do a whole lot more with so much less, as compared to his illustrious contemporaries who prefer to wallow in excess. With any Berani production you know you’re getting the real deal, and this fine piece of work is another example of why he has appeal.

As an artist who continues to challenge what it means to be a music maker in EDM today, Berani has exhibited yet another multi-faceted side to his spectrum of ideas and talents on “If At All”, which will contribute towards building his brand.

I certainly hope that Berani’s stock continues to rise in the months to come, because as his stock goes up, so do the great parties and good music. At the end of the day, amid all the difficult socio-political scenarios and pandemic restrictions, that’s what EDM fans are really waiting for.

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