Lyndon Rivers – “Let It Go” ft. Ryan Konline is rippling with dynamic action

After a while of releasing music every moth, English-born Aussie EDM producer Lyndon Rivers shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. Today he picks up where he left off on his previous single. “Let It Go” ft. Ryan Konline continues the producer’s deep dive into creating all-encompassing soundscapes, juxtaposed with the relentless electronic textures and rhythms that have come to define him.

“Let It Go” ft. Ryan Konline is at its best when emotion is to be found just underneath the seemingly mechanical iciness of Lyndon Rivers’ signature brand of haywire electronic and crossover pop. The track begins with squelches of twisting keyboard tones before a succession of soulful driven vocals begin to erupt amidst the clamor, sonically resembling a piece of classic synth-wave being brought to life.

The arrangement features burgeoning walls of ever-oscillating basslines which are pierced by soaring vocals that permeates the song, making it among the most emotionally urgent pieces of music ever created by Lyndon Rivers. With “Let It Go” ft. Ryan Konline, Rivers continues to create paradoxical soundscapes that can be simultaneously chaotic and orderly, harsh and euphoric, mechanical and organic.

Sonic atmospheres that achieve the volatility and ephemeral nature of a living organism, rippling with dynamic action that calls attention.

Typically, Lyndon Rivers’ music feels too complex and overstimulating to generate simple images, more often than not, his compositions is a firehouse of musical shards, bursting continuously into your ear. Here is where the more straightforward and matured sensibilities of “Let It Go” ft. Ryan Konline shows its merits. Though still deliberately abstruse, here it feels like Rivers has tapped into a more linear sense of sonic space and rhythmic construction.

“Let It Go” ft. Ryan Konline feels like Lyndon Rivers was initially having a go at writing something, almost mainstream then getting halfway through and decided to just rearrange it into a delightful dancefloor jam. The main melody is as catchy as anything he has ever released and the urgent stream of conscious delivery only adds to its appeal.

When the track really gets going there is a real pleasure in hearing the sense of its upbeat momentum. You won’t know whether to start dancing or to sit down and listen to where exactly Rivers is taking the song. The music has a dense, crushing vibe to it that is totally captivating, but it isn’t claustrophobic. It gives itself room to move. “Let It Go” ft. Ryan Konline is a track that doesn’t just get under your skin, but into your head.

For seasoned fans looking for their next fix of Lyndon Rivers’ boundary-pushing electronic dance explorations, this track is another interesting piece of work, and provides an excellent gateway into Rivers’ ever-expanding catalogue.


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