Rune Duch – “You Know That” has a powerful realist edge!

Rune Duch’s talent is still undeniable, his appeal worthy of wide recognition, and it’s all unmistakable and captured with passion in every moment very much worthy of your attention on the single, “You Know That”. Drawn to his eloquent, soulful voice, you quickly the feeling that he is destined for bigger things. He has the right combination of power and natural delivery with straightforward, explicit but relatable lyrics. The combination of these elements and a humble stance separates him from most of his contemporaries.

Rune Duch pours out his heart in the love lament of “You Know That”. “Everything you say and everything you do sends shivers down my spine as I’m in love with you, and you know that. So why you being cruel. You fuck me all time, but that’s just what you do. Woke up in paradise when it was next to you, and you know that. Fuck you too.” Rune Duch exceptionally seizes the moment to describe the ceaseless joys and perils of what it means to live a love.

The performance on “You Know That”, proves Rune Duch to be one of the true new originals, infusing the track with emotion, lyrical chops and a passionate delivery. Though it tells the story of a Rune’s relationship, the song reflects the situations and feelings that many have with another person or a time in their life. Rune’s narrative has a powerful realist edge, as love’s consequences come covered in contrasting auras of heaven and hell.

Wrapped in the organic warmth of a dominating acoustic guitar, “You Know That” is a taut, efficient song, barely making it to the three minute mark. This makes sure that not one single note or word, is wasted on vagaries, instead, going straight to the point in its intention.

This is a record you put on when you’re sitting alone, seriously pondering your sentimental status. It’s one that has the ability to make you feel not so alone in your plight, while at the time shaking you to your core all at once. Rune Duch’s delivery will send chills down your spine. His overall performance and his ability to deliver words with his voice and tell a story, rather than just sing them, are what sets his music apart from the rest.

“You Know That” is a song that seems simple and comfortable on the surface, but once you get deeper past the strumming of the acoustic guitar and the beautiful vocals, the track becomes more intimate and relatable for the listener.

It’s grounded in reality and has a clear focus, which makes it more resonating. The intricate descriptiveness and unfiltered reflection in the lyrics, gets personal resulting in something so much more connectable than other songs in this vein. “You Know That” has plenty of heart.

More than anything “You Know That” puts Rune Duch’s singing and songwriting talents on display, and that makes for the best kind of listening experience, regardless of whatever label you may put on it.


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