Lyndon Rivers – “Talk To Me Now” – Another Pristine Execution

What Lyndon Rivers does well, is he has the ability to take the listener on a journey through each of his songs. His latest single, “Talk To Me Now” is another brilliantly structured, and excellent piece of electronic song-craft. It absolutely blasts out of the speakers with confidence and vigor; it’s even more powerful than its predecessor: fully incorporating the sounds of EDM and synth-wave. It is a romp-stomping affair where basslines rage with relentless fury above the steady kick drum. On top, the analogue synths sweep and swoop around the soaring vocals.

Top-notch production, groovy bass lines, melodic flair, excellent vocals, great concepts, creativity at all costs, and engaging songwriting, these are the defining quality traits of Lyndon Rivers music. He packs all of those elements into “Talk To Me Now”. Essentially crafting an even more impacting path for his creations to tread. Whether you buy into his brand or not, Lyndon’s music accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do in spades.

“Talk To Me Now” captures the listener in the clutches of Lyndon Rivers’ world. It succeeds as a well-produced, EDM track that not only harnesses but also refines the usual tropes of the genre. And above all it’s a joy to listen to, especially for fans of dance music from an era. As a producer, Lyndon Rivers has an immaculate attention to detail in the layering of his songs and it truly seats him well above his peers in the electronic dance genre.

“Talk To Me Now” is the culmination of all of Lyndon Rivers’ sonic achievements, up until now. From start to finish, this track excels at immersing the listener into the producer’s musical aesthetics. It ultimately serves as one of Rivers’ most endearing and stunning compositions to date. “Talk To Me Now” thrusts the listener into an intense roller-coaster thrill-ride. The vocals breaks up the thumping beat with a gorgeous, rising flow.

This is probably one of the best vocal features heard on a Lyndon Rivers’ track. The crushing production seamlessly ties together the synths and bouncing melody while the basses buzz with ecstasy. Lyndon Rivers is a well-oiled machine by this point in time. Every release coyly whispers both nostalgia and modernity, in a confidently unapologetic fashion. The pristine execution of this record is brilliantly slick. It is the kind of track necessary to help us battle through the rest of 2021.

Lyndon Rivers displays a complete mastery of his craft, building up electronic sounds in his own musical language ample enough to express shifting moods and driving rhythms. Those who weren’t fans of Rivers a few years ago will certainly change their tune now, as he has rapidly ascended his skills to the highest level. Once again, Lyndon Rivers has managed to craft a solid single, loaded with intricate instrumentation, clever production trickery, and full-on fun. It’s another career arc of pure triumph.


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