Dorothy Zink is crafting her own musical path!

Dorothy Zink is described as someone who has no excuse. “She offers excuses, but none justify her exceptionally delusional and relentless compulsion to produce joyful racket. Having found no escape from her idiocy, she chooses to display it broadly, as if she could hide it if she chose.” The more you listen to her music, the more that statement sticks. A mixture of eclectic talent and zany humor, Dorothy Zink’s music is a blend of throbbing EDM styles which reach out towards R&B, Pop and Alternative Rock, and a whole lot more. Her latest Dubstep single “Turn Off The Light”, gives us more of the artist’s abilities and musicality in rhythm, storytelling and talent.

The more the song plays, the more you can sense the urgency in its rhythm and difference in style. This is yet another Dorothy Zink musical incarnation, different form the other songs in her playlist. In fact she hardly uses the same template twice.

As the music plays, you visualize more clearly the storyline at play here, through the rising sounds reaching its scorching peaks and valleys. The drums bang with a vengeance, while the synths and basslines twist and turn relentlessly, before coming to an abrupt end.

Right or wrong, I get the perspective of lovers caught in a vortex of emotions. Anxiety, although subtle, is made evident in Dorothy Zink’s sound as the dominating emotion in this storyline. This is a futuristic sounding musical motif with sparse lyrics and fewer vocal interludes, but it’s enough to drag you all the way through its turbulent feelings, thanks to Dorothy Zink’s instrumental manipulation.

The track “Right Here Now”, is another of Dorothy Zink’s multifarious electronic creations, which changes mood and style many times over during its runtime – from dubstep to pop to retro, and all the way back again.

It reinforces her reputation as a true electronic music chameleon. It’s another shining example of her permeating musical versatility, within a catalog that effortlessly avoids the confines of genres by allowing each track to have its own unique voice.

Dorothy Zink loves to hit fans with intricate works which use a unique blend of rumbling bass and electrifying synths, as well as expanding beyond those sonics. She creates a wide gamut of meticulously crafted sounds that are never locked into just one place. On each release she demonstrates a genuine desire to move in new directions and grow. An indicator that Dorothy Zink isn’t afraid not only to embrace change, but also tackle it head-on.

Along the way, Dorothy Zink finds the time to create zany, bizarre and utterly enjoyable visuals to accompany her music, showing that she is involved in her craft on a 360° level. In her world, there are no boundaries and no limits, other than those of her own musical creativity and curiosity…which currently seems endless. In a wave of generic sounding electronic music Dorothy Zink is crafting her own path.

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