Dan Cody – “Long Distance Line” is fine-tuned for maximum aural fulfillment

Dan Cody grew up loving bands like the Beatles, Rolling Stones, R.E.M., Fleetwood Mac, Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. He started his first band in high school, before going on to perform in regional bands, and eventually touring and recording two albums with the country rock combo Highway Ghosts. Cody also had a three-piece band as a side project, playing rock and alternative flavors. However he kept on writing songs that he somehow felt, never fit the format he was in at the time. This eventually brought Dan Cody to the point of writing and creating his own music, with the help of producer, collaborator and longtime friend Joe Clapp, at Ultrasound Productions.

“Long Distance Line” is an EP that perfectly showcases Dan Cody’s solo aesthetics, all wrapped up in roots rock and Americans stylings. Cody will give you many moments of aural pleasure throughout this recording.

You will be taking in smooth harmonies, sweet and soulful vocals, clever writing, and warm organic sounding instrumentation.  Cody utilizes his core skills with chiming guitars, resonating keys and a little flavor of sixties psychedelia alongside poetic and whip-smart lyrics.

The more I play “Long Distance Line”, the more I feel that this is a musically rewarding EP, in the age of electronica and rap. When you’re delivering a message through music you want people to sit up and take notice, and these songs are so immediate you can’t help but be instantly hooked.

The vibe that dominates this record is a driving acoustic rhythm in parallel with eminently sing-able wordplay. The picture is colored by a variety of electric guitar strikes, shades of cool keyboards and a backdrop of adept drumming.

You can pick up all of the aforementioned ear-candy, right from the opening title track, “Long Distance Line”. Beyond all its influences, instrumentation, and studio wizardry, the EP is built on its songs, and that’s where Dan Cody shines. Bathed in down-home Americana sunshine, “All Right” sweeps along on a toe-tapping beat and a feel-good singalong melody. It’s bright, and sustained by Cody’s all-embracing songwriting style.

“Out of the Blue” brings along a grittier sophistication and a sparkling duet with singer-songwriter Suzanne McNeil. The organ, guitars and drums, design a solid backdrop for the soulful vocals. This one’s perfectly radio ready. Dan Cody sounds entirely comfortable in his own skin and as the main attraction on “Just For You”, where he forges all of his mellifluous muscle, in a sequence of rich harmonies.

All through the EP there is a comfortable vibe to the music that fits perfectly with Dan Cody’s personal stories which cover the basic human emotions and experiences. The lyrics are honest, direct and heartfelt and, as Cody sings them, one gets the feeling that he cares deeply about these songs.

His heart is in everything, and his way with lyrical and musical detail is impressive. Each song is stylized and fine-tuned for maximum aural fulfillment. Yet at the same time nothing is overproduced or overwhelming. Dan Cody is simply a fine songwriting and performing talent.


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