Israel Roig – ‘Nadie sabe nada’ boldly puts its case to the public!

Israel Roig is a singer-songwriter and musician, based in the province of Zaragoza, in Spain. He composes, performs and produces his songs all by himself, in his home studio. At least, this was the case until the publication of his latest single ‘Nadie sabe nada’ (Nobody knows anything) on June 10, 2021. On this, the lead single from his upcoming album ‘¿Para cuándo el Rock’n’Roll?’ (For when is Rock’n’Roll?), Roig is assisted by two ex-members of a rock n’ roll band from his youth days – Carlos Gómez “El Muchacho” on drums and Fernando Rossi on bass.

Straight off the cuff, it is clear that on the new single, Israel Roig is taking a well-aimed shot, straight at the current global pandemic situation, and all the mysteries that lies behind it, and the vaccines. The opening lyrics of the song boldly puts his case to the public:

“The expert who gives his opinion on television does not know. Neither does the neighbor hanging clothes on the balcony lines. There is nothing about it in the information services. Nor does it have a place in the usual forms of communication. Nobody knows what is happening. Not even I am clear. Nobody knows anything. Not even you and I.”

‘Nadie sabe nada’ is upbeat, exciting, rich, and likeably human in its intentions. It is a song of the very openness implied by its title, the clean, unadorned production giving the track ample room to breathe, stretch and put its ideas forward. Israel Roig and his crew provide some invigorating musical moments that foregrounds his superior song-craft. Roig’s lyrics, in particular, are as direct and as boldly outspoken as they have ever been. Certainly this is a topic he feels very strongly about.

The song’s arrangement is uniformly well-matched, in that it don’t struggle against the straightforwardness of the lyrics. Instead, the instrumental passages seem to evolve naturally from the track’s narrative: spectacularly rocking as it is, it doesn’t draw undue attention to itself, allowing Roig’s voice to elevate its message.  Everything about ‘Nadie sabe nada’ is forthright and to the point, and its excellence surfaces from the very first listen.

The guitars jangle and twang, while the drums and bass sturdily propel the rhythmic momentum. It’s the sound of a band playing well together and understanding each other. ‘Nadie sabe nada’ is powerfully insinuating, almost intoxicating to listen to.

Its impeccable sound quality alone is worth doting on, as the individual instruments resonate off each other beautifully. Besides his guitar, Israel Roig’s voice is his main asset, which he uses attractively. It’s mature, indulgence-free, and serves the song perfectly.

On ‘Nadie sabe nada’, Israel Roig continues to create music with style, grit, and emotional resonance. His music engages the listener’s mindset and engrosses them with its cerebral embrace. This song is about as outspoken as Israel Roig has ever been.


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