Bert Fenber – “Golden Trees”- a poignant and uncluttered melodic masterpiece!

Whatever project Bert Fenber is pursuing, he’s always easy on the ear. Even his most acerbic rock moments carry a powerful touch of melodic magic. He sets this tone across rock, pop and singer-songwriter leanings. Neither takes precedence but rather compliments the other until it’s hard to remember why music didn’t always sound like this. Fenber’s musical pieces feels mature. They’re confident in their rhythms and melodies, and a pleasure to listen to. They touch tender notes, harmonic choruses and gritty guitar riffs. Each instrument sounds accomplished while executing ear-catching motifs, and blending timbres with self-assured flair.

All of this preamble pretty much describes Bert Fenber’s latest pop-folk single “Golden Trees”, taken from the album “Sunray (Eleven Songs)”, now available on all major music platforms. In a world littered with generic pop tunes dominating the charts, it is refreshing to hear a captivating singer-songwriter styled tune.

Flourishing flurries of picked acoustic guitar notes, and soothing yet emotional strokes of a violin  makes the perfect introduction; combine those elements with the familiar tone of Bert Fenber’s rich and resonant vocals, as well as his lyrical ingenuity, and you have a poignant and uncluttered melodic masterpiece.

Bert Fenber is someone who can put his hand to just about anything. From rock, to singer songwriter introspection, to singalong pop hits, to indulging his experimental side, there’s very little that he isn’t able to handle. However when he tackles an introspective folksy tune like “Golden Trees” he excels within its harmonic confines.

Fenbar is joined by Pearls on Drops, on backing vocals, and on the violin, which gives the track an extra sonic dimension. All about mood, ambience and melody, “Golden Trees” is a sophisticated demonstration of Bert Fenber’s talents as a singer and songwriter. Here he also reaches a whole new level of audio brilliance, particularly if you take the time to immerse yourself in it and listen to the song through a good pair of headphones.

Something spectacular about “Golden Trees” is the ease with which Bert Fenber steps into his folk-pop shoes. The tone is both trusting and luring, and the track opens itself up to be listened to in a multitude of ways. Fenber drags the listener into his own tempo, capturing people with a level of detail only possible once you’ve gotten all the superfluous noise of today’s music out of the way.

“Golden Trees” is a narrative-driven track, and like any novel, it demands attention. But largely Bert Fenber and his enchanting voice make for captivating company, that won’t allow you to deviate from its listening pleasure.

This is good-willed music, patient, kind, and ultimately, and above all, giving. Bert Fenber has a gift for observation and empathy that younger songwriters will often find hard to match. His wizened vision of the world around him only comes with life experiences.

There is a sense of place and perspective, in “Golden Trees”, and a preference for an easygoing organic arrangement that does more with less. The track shows Bert Fenber to be a deft, distinctive and magnetic singer-songwriter.

Bert Fenber is part of the Newcomer Music Management agency.


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