MelbEasy – “The Name of Jesus” – a powerful anthem with a down to earth relatability

Miami, Florida is home to MelbEasy, a married musical duo who are also podcasters. They love to write worship music in their leisure time. “The Name of Jesus” is the first song that they have composed and produced for listening purposes on all the major platforms. It is clear from listening to this song that the duo are worshippers who are pursuing a vision to see the love of God transform the Earth. They are passionate lovers of Jesus and believers in people.  This pair has such a powerful blend of singing styles that maximize harmonies, showcase their vocal strengths and juxtapose their different energies.

 “The Name of Jesus” is filled with the spontaneous, joyous, and personal moments of adoration, while the authenticity of MelbEasy’s affinity permeates this song as the lead vocals alternate and harmonies interchange throughout. It creates a powerful anthem with a down to earth relatability. Many artists falter in their lyrical approaches by drawing out their themes in vague terms and descriptions, but MelbEasy aims on the specific and distinct side.

There messages are simple, loud and clear. The combination of loving lyrics and the warm harmonic vocals of MelbEasy really stand out on this song. While it may not be important to some, the fact that this husband and wife team sing together gives the song a special quality. With an inviting soundscape that effortlessly draws us in, you can feel the dynamic atmosphere of worship bursting forth right from the opening lines.

Though “The Name of Jesus” has a modern R&B flavor, MelbEasy’s signature sound recalls the spontaneity and beauty of classic worship music. The song invites every created thing to praise Jesus. As long as we make Him the foundation of our lives, nothing can destabilize our existence. He gives us purpose and strength. “There is power when we call your name. There is so much anointing when we sound your name. The name of Jesus,” sings MelbEasy.

In a way, “The Name of Jesus” recognizes that we were not meant to carry our troubles ourselves. Instead, we must give them to Jesus and let Him lead us. We should trust that He is making everything come out for our benefit, whether we can perceive it immediately or not. Our miracle is close at hand. The song provides a portable throne room experience for listeners on the move, as the Lord will go with us, wherever we are. MelbEasy bring a little bit of heaven to Earth, gathering us all together in praise.

The sound from MelbEasy dynamically and boldly invites you into the Lord’s presence in an intimate way on “The Name of Jesus”, and you’ll be able experience that unique, soul-soothing atmosphere wherever you are with this record. The music pushes you to focus on Jesus and urges you to seek more of Him in your own time of worship. This may be a debut record for MelbEasy but they sound like they have been ministering for a while.

Moreover, MelbEasy show us that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to be affective.  Rather, for a worship song to do its work, simplicity and Christ-focused lyrics are enough to qualify. Add in the duo’s chemistry, and you have a winning formula.


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