Kevynn Hudsonn – “Her Number” – a soulfully wistful slice of intimate reflection

Kevynn Hudsonn is a multi-genre musical shapeshifter who sings Alt-RnB, pulling in elements of Hip Hop, Pop, Alt-Rock and Reggae. His influences are as diverse as his music spectrum and includes David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, Sam Cooke, Neil Diamond and the Glass Animals. He’s been compared to artist such as Steve Lacey, James Blake, The Weeknd. Kevynn’s latest single, “Her Number”, drifts through movements shifting gears subtly, buoyed by the creator’s honeyed production and voracious appetite for smoothly layered instrumentation, rich brass interludes, and rubbery basslines.

As an artist, Kevynn Hudsonn offers a new take on tradition. He transforms the sound of popular music into something less definable, and more introspective, with liquid boundaries between genre stylings.

He takes his artistic idiosyncrasies, vibes, and visions, and expresses fascinating musical moments rather than simply boxed-up songs. Kevynn sings with smoothness and casual swagger, extending his range into velvety falsetto. His sound is groovy, loose, yet detail-packed.

The statement of universality throughout “Her Number”, is an appealing one, and as Kevynn Hudsonn sing longing, passion and sex across moments of entangled infidelity, the message holds. Anyone can relate. Despite which side of the fence they may be on.

There’s no musical stylings to be identified here, just creative freedom to be admired, resulting in music full of songwriting decisions that only a particular creator like Kevynn would make, and a narrative that only someone like him, would dare to tell.

“As soon as I get home from work, I’m gonna call her. And find out if she’s coming over tonight again. Because I want her, even though she belongs to someone else. I can’t have her to myself, so I just have to share. I don’t really care, cause every time she calls my name, my heart burns like a dancing flame,” sings Kevynn Hudsonn.

Hudsonn’s intentions and emotions are made vividly clear. Amid the production backdrop, are some unequivocally brilliant flourishes of music, so compositionally pure that you sense they could work in any style.

All of the above, makes “Her Number” an intriguing musical and vocal statement, as it offers a glimpse into Kevynn Hudsonn’s fascinating creative appetite. He not only has undeniable natural talent, but he has clearly also learned his craft.

There are no stretches of self-indulgence within the song. The track is sharp, focused and to the point, even though the chill, smooth, and ambient-like aesthetic might suggest otherwise. Kevynn Hudsonn is in total control of the four-and-a-half-minute runtime of “Her Number”.

Kevynn Hudsonn’s mellow and melodic voice, guides the proceedings into a blissful, soulfully wistful slice of intimate reflection. It is so refreshing to listen to a track that bares the sole DNA of its creator, instead of being cloned from the hordes of reusable templates that so many of his contemporaries employ in their productions.

“Her Number” might be the key to taking Kevynn Hudsonn to another level as an artist. It solidifies his potential, suggesting an artist that has a glowing career in front of him.


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