Vaxxo – ‘Give Me Life’ – a crushing and adhesive track!

Born and raised in Portugal, Vaxxo ventured to Toronto, Canada to gain more exposure and focus on creating his music. He has been a mainstay of the rock music scene since 2013, releasing a series of singles, as well as his critically acclaimed album project “Is This Love”, released in 2020. All throughout his career Vaxxo has maintained his status as an underground rock heavyweight. Now, on his latest single ‘Give Me Life’, he undeniably strengthens that reputation.

A sprawling, intoxicating wall of sound, ‘Give Me Life’ sees Vaxxo at his most intense, in an utterly controlled manner: pulsating, dense guitar riffs underpin a soaring melodic vocal line and a stampeding rhythm that dominates the senses. Right from the opening throes of the dirty hardcore groove, Vaxxo delivers heaviness with absolute panache.

Winding vocalizations flit around fuzzy, grinding instrumentation, building it’s wall of sound brick by brick, as Vaxxo leaves no room to be doubted. He expertly builds a deliciously gritty record, and manages to do so in a broad spectrum of ways: he demonstrates that he can do quintessential hard rock deftly, while retaining both a bluesy feel and a pop catchiness. ‘Give Me Life’ proves to be an absolute masterclasses in this respect.

Without question, this is the work of an artist rejuvenated and reassured post “Is This Love”; not a beat has been missed in terms of power, just as with the vitality and emotion baked deeply into the arrangement. ‘Give Me Life’ is an attention-grabbing single in practically every way. The heavier tone comes most readily, in how the churn of the guitars is thick and meaty. The result is a track exuding confidence at every turn, with every reason to be as such.

Vaxxo has wrung out every drop of inspiration and potential he has for a single that places him right at the top of rock’s revival aspirations. Everything that one knows and loves about Vaxxo is taken to unimaginable new heights on ‘Give Me Life’. This is the artist’s most tenacious and assured outing yet; a fluent, diverse and impactful delivery. Vaxxo has exceeded even his own lofty earlier elevations, delivering an absolute knockout single.

Vaxxo blends the strident grit and swooning melodics with his various strengths into something uniquely fresh and familiar that will leave you reeling in ecstasy. It produces a crushing and adhesive track that perfectly cleaves Vaxxo’s resonant melody amongst a maw of churning guitars and his belting vocal rasp. Vaxxo gleefully unleashes this beast of a track, which presents one of the most emphatic and elegantly ferocious moments in his entire catalog.

‘Give Me Life’ was always destined to be something remarkable, simply for the fiercely cemented reputation of Vaxxo, as an artist. But it goes beyond the insatiable talent overflowing at every corner of this recording. ‘Give Me Life’ emerges triumphantly, because it is genuine perfection as far as rock recordings go. Vaxxo describes it as: “A song made of rage, frustration and love!”

Ultimately, it all sounds fresh and new, yet manages to retain that ever-desirable quality which sends fiery signals through your body and makes your hair stand on end in sheer ecstasy.


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