Lil Dr Akex – “Jeans” is a masterstroke of irreverence!

Lil Dr Akex isn’t here to play by the rules. He takes rap and flips it on its head. His single “Jeans”, is a masterstroke of irreverence. He takes all of the genre’s clichés and turns them into scathing irony. It’s rap in it’s most outrageously explicit form. There’s no denying that Lil Dr Akex is a breath of fresh air, and it’s clear from the first few bars that the novelty rapper’s greatest strength comes from his clever and shocking punchlines. He also wields self-deprecation with lethal force. It’s a tactic likely to earn him much-needed goodwill with audiences.

Lil Dr Akex’s flow is surprisingly nimble, and his lyrics hit their target spot on.  “You love when we do it in the car but these tints can only go so far. Heck, you should be sitting on my lap on a mall or park bench, lips on my neck, legs over my waist, I can thrust in slow motion, people would think we’re just two love birds making out, that’s if you had on a dress but instead you had to wear them jeans! So, why’d you gotta pull up in them jeans? Do you get a thrill when someone sees? I should have said no dress, no sex, no summer breeze.”

It is perfectly palatable hip-hop for those with well-equipped ironclad senses, and it is matched with an equally entertaining production, by Anywaywell. There is a unique quality to Lil Dr Akex’s artistic aesthetic, which promises to build a bridge between rap’s hardcore ethics and its pure witty irreverence. And that’s refreshing. It’s something hip-hop needs more of. Lil Dr Akex, and any artists like him, are vital and necessary for the genre.

With the perfect combination of suburban charm and streetwise sensibility, Lil Dr Akex rolls out explicitness in an effortless stream of consciousness:  “It’s day time and it’s play time, and you want me to eat you out? So, should we get in the front or the back? Lie on your front or your back? Should I hit it from the front or the back? Should I hit the front or the back? Put the seats on recline, hit you good from be behind, no cheap shot, just a come shot, stain spot from the one drop.”

This display of risqué lyrical creativity strays from convention, and is an immediate indication that Lil Dr Akex is here to turn the game on its head. In a genre oversaturated with boasts of sexual prowess and acts of misogyny, “Jeans” delivers a style of inappropriate commentary that fits well. It takes jabs at its subjects with a fine blend of parody and self-deprecating humor. Though his delivery is purposely conveyed in a conversational singsong tone, Lil Dr Akex is as technically skilled as anyone actively and seriously pursuing the game.

On “Jeans”, Lil Dr Akex gets ahead on the merits of his wit, originality and endless forward-thinking ambition. He has already completed a second single and is apparently working on an album. Lil Dr Akex will soon be winning over a bundle of listeners who can identify with his one-of-a-kind, over the top style.


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