MC Heart deftly captures the complex emotions of “Pain”

Mherah Cabodbod aka MC Heart is from Hindang, Leyte Philippines. A mother of two who has had a lifelong love for music of all kinds, she currently lives in Hong Kong but telecommutes daily to her office in Nashville, TN where she and her Producer David Rozenhart run Sapphire Sounds Studio.  Mherah has built a large following on various social media platforms, including YouTube where she has spent years doing karaoke and her various travel vlogs. Her latest single “Pain” was written during a troubling time in her life and is her label’s first international release.

“Pain” encapsulates MC Heart’s personal experience in heartbreak, loneliness and the spectrum of painful emotions one goes through in this vulnerable period of life. She approaches it all with a real sense of restraint and maturity, transforming her human experience into art. MC Heart opens her heart to us all in a powerful way, and her ability to connect with her audience so deeply is notable.

The echoing vocals, the throbbing drums and the gentle shimmer of the guitars will send shivers down the spine of the listener. It is an addictive distillation of sound and words. The song is far more sophisticated than its predecessor, while MC Heart’s vocals sound notably more assured and nuanced, bringing forth the full meaning of the narrative. An excellent performance that deftly captures the complex emotions of “Pain”.

“Pain” spreads a melancholic calmness throughout the room as you hypnotically ponder the words MC Heart deals out. Her openhearted performance lets listeners know that they aren’t alone in their troubles and proving that her strength and vulnerability go hand in hand.

MC Heart is one of those artists that picks you up and swoops you right into her world. There’s a certain kind of magic around music that makes you want to listen over and over again, and “Pain” does exactly that.

While MC Heart’s emotion driven track is a personal testimony, many listeners are bound to relate to the subject matter. Her vocals are stunningly smooth, and passion filled, without being overwhelming. Another interesting part of this single, however, has got to be how it was arranged.

You can’t help but marvel at the downtempo percussion vibes, and the guitar-driven lines, they’re simply beautiful and brilliantly produced. It’s all very understated, but still extremely cinematic all the same.

“Pain” is a song that will leave you in a state of reflection upon the very first listen and have you inserting your own experiences into the visual backdrop it creates. Stripping back the production to the bare necessities, Producer David Rozenhart proves that sometimes, strong songwriting and haunting vocals is what you need above all else.

This is a very poignant and honest track, that doesn’t shy away from being a short dose of therapy in itself. MC Heart finds comfort and connection through her music and songwriting, as she unpacks her woes, and allows listeners to do the same on “Pain”. The vocals, emotional lyricism and stunning mood-inducing aesthetic of the single, illuminates MC Heart as a profound artist who carries her heart on her sleeve.

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