Frea Robinson – “Leave Me Alone” – uncompromising musical art!

Frea Robinson,  known as The Angelic Felon is a Record Label Owner, Hip Hop Artist, Playlist Curator, Studio Producer and Engineer, Marketing Director, Video Animator, Videographer, Promoter, and Show Host, from Baltimore. Raised by a single mother of two, Frea started singing at a young age, showing close family and friends her will to put music at the center of her existence. Although the streets would soon consume her life, music would always be there to comfort her. She is not shy of talking about her criminal background and becoming a convicted felon at age 18, because she has managed to move forward, and upward in life, using these experiences to propel her ambitions and desires.

The owner of Angelic Felon Entertainment – a Record Label & Publishing Company – Frea Robinson uses her music as an outlet for expressing her mindset, and letting her bottled-up emotions smash speaker systems into a million sensations. It’s been a long journey to be able to harness the outspoken affirmations that Frea Robinson yields with such fervor on her single “Leave Me Alone”. She’s built herself up as a formidable figure with a clear vision, and a killer sneer for those who would dare question the spirit of her reality.

Her voice is grizzled and ominous, her tone dark, moody and gritty. Frea Robinson is a force to be reckoned with on “Leave Me Alone”, vindicating the choices she makes with her life, and shunning those who may doubt her, as well as the demons attempting to assail her psyche.

She has adapted her persistence and her singular vision into uncompromising musical art. She is clearly in her own lane and light years ahead of the curve. Frea is wildly ambitious, and those ambitions are hard-won.

Frea Robinson sounds totally genuine and original, because she is able to reflect the deepest interiors of her own mind to those people out there who sincerely value that reflection.  Frea metabolizes life’s frustrations by unfolding and affronting them head on.

She questions their motives and searches for answers, subconsciously inducing her audience to do the same. Her work on “Leave Me Alone” showcases not just her own tremendous depth as an artist, but also the limitless sonic possibilities within rap as a genre.

Frea Robinson’s sound is multidirectional and genre bending. She raps with the kind of emotional force that invites listeners to imagine themselves wielding her lyrics, not targeted by them. When she says “Leave me alone,” it feels like you saying it.

Frea’s openness and raw emotionality make her moments of introspection all the more satisfying to hear. Frea never stops impressing on “Leave Me Alone”. Not only because the record is well-constructed and produced, but also because there’s a powerful story and sentiment behind it.

“Leave Me Alone” shows that Frea Robinson is more than just her emotions; she’s a rapper who takes her craft seriously and demands attention. With the work she invests in each and every project, Frea is doing whatever it takes to prove that she is the one and only in her lane. And she is already miles ahead.


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