Kissing In The Dark – ‘Always On The Run’ cleverly plays on its contrasts!

The single, “Always On The Run” feels like a warm embrace. Its melody, the quick-witted and poignant songwriting, the clean driving rhythm, as well as the organic and engaging mellifluous nature of the whole thing, makes this single by Kissing In The Dark rather irresistible. The project got its start when vocalist and songwriter HC Nitter, who moved from Norway to Mexico, started collaborating with musician and producer, Axel Durán, forming the indie rock band with alternative and blues flavors. The two creatives have worked on many projects over the past years.

“The idea with the band ‘Kissing in the dark’ was born from many new songs that we wanted to arrange, and we wanted to try to record an album with songs in English,” explains HC Nitter. “I feel I can’t express myself well enough in Spanish, and I also wanted to try to do songs in English. Both of us love the blues, hence and the name ‘Kissing in the dark’ was taken from an old blues song,” he concludes.

“Always On The Run” cleverly plays on its contrasts. Notwithstanding the lyrics, which are melancholic and gloomy at their core, the music is both upbeat and uplifting with its momentum pushing rhythm, the joyful keyboards, the jangling guitars, the rolling basslines, and the dynamic drums.  All of which injects the song with glimmers of hope. The track starts from a place of winning charm and Kissing In The Dark’s ability to appeal to a wide range of audiences.

Cover photo by Jason Toe
Cover photo by Jason Toe

“My baby she’s so fine. Officially she’s not mine. She’s trying to find her way. And I am trying to find my way. Life can break you down. Thoughts can make you mad. Loneliness that’s hard. Everybody needs a friend,” sings HC Nitter, as he unravels the searching narrative, with his easy-on-the-ear vocal tones. Underneath, Axel Durán propels the sonic foundation with ringing instrumentation and a sustained beat ignited by Pedro Martínez on drums.

“Always On The Run” is loud enough to captivate audiences with instrumental bombast, but still full of that intimate singer songwriter charm and magic that makes Kissing In The Dark’s sound such a natural fit for a number of diverse rock subgenres. There’s a real sense of enthusiasm in everything the band does on this song. Relentlessly upbeat, underneath the sweet coating of musical joy though, lies the aching and anxiety.

“Far away I wanna run with you. I need some time to get away. Many things to think about. I need to find my way. Escaping that ‘s my name. Covering up my life. Hiding here and there. Seeking everywhere. Searching, fight and flight. Always on the run. Just another recipe. Isolation is killing me,” exclaims HC Nitter, in the song. For all of its musical buoyancy, it’s clear here that Kissing In The Dark want to deliver more than just sugary indie rock, and “Always On The Run”  delivers.

It’s delightful to hear Kissing In The Dark exploring their sound, while seeking lyrical profundity, and having so much fun while doing it. On “Always On The Run”, all HC Nitter, Axel Durán and Pedro Martínez’s skills and ambitions come alive.


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