Fia Silena – “Kill the Butterflies” sounds positively liberating!

Born in Weimar (Germany) to a family of artists, German-Italian singer-songwriter Fia Silena was introduced to the dance and music industry at an early age. She gained her first experiences in show business as a singer and interpreter in several German television productions, and at age 14, she danced the main role in the dance theatre production Momo at the Erfurt Theater. Her debut single “Kill the Butterflies” has been nominated for the German Songwriting Award in Berlin. A blend of power pop and alt-rock flavors, the song drives us through a guitar-led musical arrangement that resonates with vibrancy.

If there’s one thing that the singer-songwriter gets right on “Kill the Butterflies”, it’s the tasteful blend of a potent musical backdrop, soaring vocals and an empowering, heartfelt story, which ends triumphantly for the narrator. This immediately gives the song accessibility and relatability, which translates into an ear catching soundscape. Fia Silena’s talent also provides lyrical and emotional depth beyond the song’s surface sonic attractiveness.

“I called you I had a dream of our symphony. It could sound so sweet. You said oh, you said what. Heard your voices sound. You don’t even care about. Now I now you are a fool baby. Never call me your lady. The wish of us was just crazy. In every second I was yours. But your mind closed heaven’s door,” sings Fia Silena in the opening verses, before she flips the tables. “Tick tock, Tick tock. Your time is up. I’m sorry I’m the girl drinking champagne at the club. Tick tock on the clock. You fucked up. Sorry not available cause I’m at the club.”

Fia Silena’s voice suits both the harsher textures and the luscious harmonic parts present in this song, surprisingly well. She can go from a sweet intimate whisper to a huskier bombastic snarl in the bat of an eyelid without losing her composure and command of the narrative. Fia Silena sounds like a total natural here, unafraid to share her thoughts with the listener, and ready to cut loose amid the din of twisting synths and crunchy guitars.

The melody is impressive, as is the layered arrangement and limpid production. “Kill the Butterflies” contains enough sonic and vocal magic to be infectious. It’s an ambitious work by an artist just starting to explore her music’s aesthetic possibilities.

The song depends largely on the interplay and tension between the instrumentation and Fia Silena’s crystalline voice, as she revels in confessionals and poetic declarations. Lyrically, the project affirms the songwriter’s knack for a multifaceted self-portrait.

Fia Silena crafts an intriguing and empowered personality on “Kill the Butterflies” that will connect with audiences. Her shimmering, pristine vocals which soar overhead, is supported by a driving, hypnotic backdrop that pushes relentlessly forward. It glistens with self-determination, freedom, and a deep, introspective reckoning of bad relationships.

“Kill the Butterflies” sounds positively liberating; listen closely and you’ll hear the sound of Fia Silena breaking free from any emotional shackles through every infectious, radio-ready chorus. “Tick tock, Tick tock. Your time is up. I’m sorry I’m the girl drinking champagne at the club.”

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