RoseQ – ‘Kila’ has broken through to a new level!

RoseQ is a 28-year-old singer, rapper, producer, composer and songwriter from Portugal. On his single, “Kila”, the rising talent sounds confident and determined to show that he is one of the best the culture in his region has to offer. The new track has RoseQ highlighting his story through elite wordplay that provides a vivid image of what he has on his mind. “I am the dealer, the lord and the receiver and when I get them pussies imma do the deliver. You think I feel ya, walking on my fila, and when I go pra pa pa I am the kila,” spits RoseQ as he unfolds his risqué narrative.

You can tell RoseQ was entering this single with a laser sharp focus. Upon pressing play, that translates immediately. RoseQ approaches every verse as if he has a chip on his shoulder and raps with a laidback intensity that sounds like someone questioned his skill. He has the fire burning in his competitive spirit to attack a track and not leave room for questioning his talent. “Kila” highlights why RoseQ is special and soon to surpass many of his peers.

In “Kila”, RoseQ displays his maturity. It can be heard in his sound, voice, and the overall product of his music. What’s impressive in that display, is that RoseQ manages to open himself to a wide variety of audiences.

Within this project, there are a handful of exiting flourishes – from the thumping drums to the skittering hi-hats, onto the rumbling basslines and haunting synths. Overall, the production is phenomenal, and perfectly underscores RoseQ’s effortless flow and smooth wordplay.

It’s interesting to note that RoseQ started singing at 8, playing the guitar at 10, and began producing at 19. This natural evolution and all-round musicality obviously gives him an extra edge over his contemporaries.

“Kila”, details an artist comfortable in his own voice and determined to grow while staying true to his musical roots. The track heralds so much sonic growth and diversity from his 2019 single “Lately”, it’s easy to see how much RoseQ has come into his own as a modern artist.

The effortless switch from the jazz-infused downtempo groove to the braggadocios flexing on “Kila”, shows stunning versatility on both music production styles and his own ability to ride the diverse rhythms of each track, bringing his all-embracing vision to life.

In fact the move from “Lately” to “Do It Again”, and now “Kila”, highlights an ability to switch lanes confidently. On each track, RoseQ flips his delivery style radically, from melodic, to deep and ominous, and then onto swaggeringly assured, to fit the music appropriately.

“Kila” gives us a peak into where RoseQ is right now on his musical journey, and it’s a solid addition to his freshly building discography. Here RoseQ has broken through to a new level of comfort, letting him do what he wants to do. He has begun to realize the road map to a brighter future and he is getting ready to seize that opportunity with both hands.


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