Ergo,Bria – “Can’t Wait” – the right balance between aggression and melody!

Ergo,Bria is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer who has made her mark in the music industry. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, she now calls Nashville, Tennessee home after graduating from Belmont University as a songwriting major. With her band, she brings a unique blend of heavy rock, metal, punk, and pop, alternative, and indie to audiences, evoking intense emotions with her music. Ergo,Bria is a breath of fresh air. She strives to break the typical barriers with her unique voice and style choices. Her background as a classical pianist, violist, and violinist has allowed her to create a completely different arena of music. Her genre-bending style is a result of her passion for exploring new sounds and her desire to push the boundaries of traditional music.

Ergo,Bria’s music is much more than just sounds, it’s a story. Her lyrics are deep, yet literal, touching on important topics such as racism, politics, heartbreak, mental health, and love. She uses her experiences to create relatable songs that connect with listeners on a personal level.

Her latest release is a new alternative rock single called “Can’t Wait” featuring In The Mourning. This track highlights her unique style and is a testament to her versatility as an artist. The song is a perfect blend of driving rock with the melodramatic, emotionally moving lyric sheet.

“Can’t Wait” rides a fine line between being both raw sounding and melodic. “I guess I will just wait for another day. For a time to feel at peace. But I’m so impatient. I can barely breathe sitting on the edge of my seat cuz i just can’t wait. But I gotta keep my head up. And look forward but can’t wait. Maybe it’s all in my brain,” sings Ergo, Bria as she unfolds the anxious narrative.

The lyrics describe a feeling of impatience and a struggle to find peace and slow down. The narrator is sitting on the edge of her seat, unable to breathe, and feeling like she’s not going at their own pace. However, she is trying to keep their head up and look forward, despite the struggle to wait. The lyrics suggest that the narrator is feeling overwhelmed and the pressure to wait may be internal, but she is trying to stay positive and focused.

Everything comes together brilliantly on “Can’t Wait” as ominous guitar riffs that are ably backed up by a very good rhythm section is combined with especially effective vocals where Ergo, Bria finds just the right balance between aggression and melody.

She can channel a rare and simultaneous blend of vulnerability, soulfulness and fury in her voice. Ultimately, Ergo, Bria sets herself significantly apart from the various cookie-cutter alternative acts of today, with an utterly different attitude and a significantly different sound.

Ergo, Bria never sounds anything less than full-blooded or totally committed to the songs she performs, and “Can’t Wait” is no exception to the rule. It’s a bombastic rocker, released at a time when very few alternative artists are dropping raw and abrasive tracks such as this. “Can’t Wait” is executed with an utterly uncompromising vision, and if nothing else, you have to give Ergo, Bria full credit for that.



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