Vicktoria – “Cut & Run” revels in an ultra-contagious melody and an irresistible beat

Vicktoria is a singer-songwriter based in Belgium. She began session singing at 20 and wrote her first songs during that time. Vicktoria worked with various production companies in the UK and abroad and performed at SOUND in London. In her late 20s, she featured on a single with Ritmo Bros that reached the Belgian charts. In her 30s, she wrote and recorded her first album “My Destiny” with Luc Rigaux. Her cover of “Vogue” reached the top 10 in the UK Music Week pop charts in 2022. Vicktoria’s collaboration with William Kofi spans several years. They first worked together as manager and advisor when Vicktoria was session singing for producers in the UK. After some time, they lost touch but reconnected in her 30s when they decided to push her career again as a talented writer and singer.

Under William Kofi’s guidance, Vicktoria released several singles as Sonjooz, including “Set You Free” and “Luv Disco,” which charted in the UK, and were promoted by Power Promotions. Their successful collaboration led to a global deal with Toco Asia, which signed one of Vicktoria’s songs in 2022.

As for William Kofi, he is a music industry professional and entrepreneur based in the UK. He has worked in various roles, including management, PR, marketing, and event organization, and has collaborated with artists and labels worldwide. He has also been a mentor and coach for emerging talent in the music industry.

Like many artists with sustained careers, the story of Vicktoria is one of consistent reinvention. A part-time university lecturer and a mother to a teenager, Vicktoria has now bounced back with the track, “Cut & Run”, which is her first solo single under the name of “Vicktoria”.

“Cut & Run” is a dance-pop track that revels in an ultra-contagious melody and an irresistible beat, with a luscious layering of captivating instruments backing up Vicktoria’s sultry vocal cords.

The result is a classy piece of work, infusing strummed acoustic six-strings, fiery electric guitar lines, pulsating basslines, and slapping drums. Listening to this track all the way through, you can’t help but feel how buoyant, warm, and upbeat “Cut & Run” is.

The past and the present, are sources that Vicktoria aurally drew from for “Cut & Run”. The former aspect looks to a specific stretch in popular music when both organic and electro pop reigned supreme in their respective lanes. The latter aspect has its eye on the moment, as it relates to tonally variegated blends of current mainstream pop and electronic dance music.

Vocally, Vicktoria uses the mid to upper range of her voice to aesthetically color the engrossing lyrical pictures. Her performance grabs you from the start and doesn’t let go until the beat stops.

Ultimately, “Cut & Run” is an essential record for pop fans, club music aficionados, and anyone that’s ever heard a groove-driven song they’ve instantly liked. The track has been cleanly and lusciously produced and Vicktoria has an amazing voice that fits perfectly with the song’s take on dance-pop. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself coming back to the infectious choruses and adorably good grooves of “Cut & Run”.


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