Tracy Ann Lisa: “This Again” – an exotic and slow simmering beat

Tracy Ann Lisa Williams is an actress/singer-songwriter who was born in the Caribbean, in Jamaica, and who lives in Southern California. She grew up in the Bronx and Mount Vernon borders and attended Mount Vernon High School where she rapped, sang and performed for fun. Every year brings about a few notable newcomers to the music scene, and Tracy Ann Lisa is no exception to the rule. There are some very cool, slick sounds on her latest single, “This Again”.

TAL-350Tracy Ann Lisa has old fashioned roots and style, all mixed with modern day funkiness, class, commanding stage presence, explosive energy, constructive confidence and assertiveness. This lady is an especially talented individual who is seeking out that legitimate break and opportunity in the relentless, tough jungle called the entertainment business. Tracy Ann Lisa aka TAL is the real deal based on talent, desire, and emotions, not by gimmicks, lip sinking, trendiness, publicity stunts, and the like.

She succeeds at all types of music, R&B, Reggae and Pop, etc. The girl works her songs with a sense of professionalism and confidence. Without falling into the trap of vocal gymnastics, much loved by her peers, Tracy Ann Lisa has a story to tell on “This Again”, and does so in a smooth laid-back manner, over an exotic and slowly simmering beat. She has the hybrid mixed gift of combining the grit and the sultry, and on this track she tends more towards the latter. Her cadence is warm and charming.

Tracy Ann Lisa’s ease of performance and straightforward vocal style on “This Again” is certainly a step up from her previous work which lacks the surefootedness she showcases here. Given time, and the right choice track productions, to suit her style and voice, she’ll really come into her own. TAL is clearly still experimenting with where she exactly wants to be, but she is moving towards the right direction with “This Again”.

She sounds comfortable singing this song and makes it sound like something she enjoys doing, which is a required trait for anyone wanting to make headway in the music business. There’s no question that she is inspired to establish a permanent career. So here is looking forward to her next release!


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