Rei Kennex – “Top Of The Universe”

Not too long ago, back home in Ukraine, singer-songwriter Rei Kennex was living one life as a successful TV anchor distinguished by her two master’s degrees in International Relations. She was well on her to way to enjoying a promising and secure future. But nestled deep inside, her twin Gemini spirit—the soul of a world-class pop artist—was beckoning.  After winning a prestigious TV talent show in Los Angeles, she made the bold decision to breathe life into her adrift musical self and make a drastic move. “When my heart is leading me somewhere, I have to go. I know there are sacrifices—the further you climb, the higher the price—but failure is not trying,” Rei says. “So I left everything behind – my job, family, friends, home, all of my familiar world. I took a leap of faith and bought a one way ticket to L.A.”

Rei Kennex
Rei Kennex

In Los Angeles Rei was awarded the Fast Forward to Fame scholarship by A&R development expert and celebrity vocal coach Cari Cole, as well as completing her 3-track EP, “Top Of The Universe”, produced by Grammy-nominated producer Barry Weeks.

Rei Kennex is singular among pop singers for the diversity of skills she brings to each project. Yes, she writes and sings songs, but she’s a singer-songwriter not just in the obvious and literal sense that she writes the songs that she sings, but also in the sense of the genre of confessional singer-songwriters like Joni Mitchell, Sarah McLachlan, and Alanis Morissette, whose songs describe life experiences in eloquent and vulnerable detail. Kennex brings all of this into a modern electronic sounding idiom.

The music, uniformly excellent, has the stylistic variety you’d expect from the range of topics which she surveys. The love and courtship of “Armor”, understanding and accepting the dark side of our loved ones in “Who I Am” and the challenges of chasing our dreams in “Top Of The Universe”. It’s not hard to imagine most of these tracks finding a home in scores for film or television. These songs reward undistracted, repeat listening to unpack its sonic detail and lyrical transparency, a look into the world of one of today’s most restless music talents in my opinion.

Rei Kennex
Rei Kennex

Rei Kennex doesn’t just compose catchy, sweeping melodies that are arranged and produced to fit a passionate and poignant style. Rather than comforting hooks and refrains, her music seems instead to almost explode forth from her soul, creating an aural collage that washes over you. You would be hard-pressed to compare her to another artist working today. Rei’s musical experimentation vocally, visually, and instrumentally all are intriguing. However, her beautifully lyrical voice, overall musicality and stunning lyrics all put her in a class of her own.

There is a sense of magic in all Rei Kennex does, by which I mean fanciful flights of delightful surprise. She weaves technology, cultural and personal themes and haunting beauty into her songs in contrasting ways. She takes elements of crafty songs that hook in your brain and mixes them with beautiful world beats.

Rei Kennex is talented and unique, which matched together with her physical beauty becomes an absolute rarity in today’s music business. Listening to “Top Of The Universe” and watching her videos on Youtube, has been a truly epic experience. I’ve been in the business long enough to know that we’re in the midst of something very special here.

Rei Kennex has already made my shortlist as 2015 “Artist Of The Year”, and I couldn’t care less if it’s only July!


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