Zayed Hassan: “Dream of a Paper Bird” ft. Anna Belle – purity of composition!

The versatile independent artist from Dhaka, Bangladesh, Zayed Hassan first came to the forefront by winning a music-making contest organized by OpenLabs and Linkin Park in 2015. He followed that success up with his debut album “Trails of the seasons”, which was released to critical acclaim in 2016.

Besides his music endeavors, Zayed is also known for his creative Photography, and has won several international awards in both photography and music.

The artist who in the past has agreed to donate 100% of all the revenues earned from some of his tracks to the Fender Music Foundation – a nonprofit organization dedicated to putting instruments into children’s hands – has dropped a new track for 2016, entitled “Dream of a Paper Bird”.

The upbeat ambient-styled electronic song with a strong EDM-Pop flavor, features Anna Belle on vocals. Zayed Hassan’s signature sound is the undulating tones that wash over and through you as you listen.

Zayed-Hassan-350This music doesn’t simply let you listen, it holds you hostage. Energy crackles, the shiny ethereal voice of Anna Belle keeps you captivated. The drums slam, the synths shimmer, and Zayan knows how to use rhythms and tones in the most beautiful way possible. As for the technical quality of the track itself, I was impressed.

This is one of those recordings that make me glad I’ve invested in a quality sound system. There’s tons of deep bass and a subwoofer or main speakers with very good bass are necessary for the full effect.

Zayed Hassan is able to convey a sense of emptiness in the beginning while also maintaining a strong feeling of uplifting peace as the song builds. No matter how busy the music becomes, it always feels as if it is speeding towards an even more remarkable climax.  The track is rich with subtlety and a layered fullness – as if the universe were belching forth from the void, and Anna Belle was soaring ahead to meet it.

Zayed is a musical seer, shaman, and prophet who is intensely human in his approach to his craft. He talks the language of a future where mankind finally realizes it is one with every other living creature; and we are the yarn of the very fabric of cosmic matter itself.

Lovers of Pop-styled EDM, or trance and ambient electronic music should find something to enjoy in this track.  Experiencing its purity of composition, even new-age enthusiasts will be strongly attracted to “Dream of a Paper Bird”.


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