GSCtheWOLFPACK: “Get Shit Crackin” – rolling beats meant for top-down cruising and chilling!

The Wolfpak team is thought to be some of the hottest new talent surfacing from the East Coast Region. Although GSC originates from the state of KY, bangers, club hoppers, and just the most fire music to be seen from the area is being made by this group. Get Shit Crackin (GSC) represents the label name of the band. WolfPak represents the bond, connection, and loyalty each shows for one another.

The album cover
The album cover

GSCtheWOLFPACK have dropped the 14 track album “Get Shit Crackin”. They’re rolling beats meant for top-down cruising and chilling. Most songs are pretty hooky, and the choruses are either rapped or delivered by a singer. For the most part they shine with pure lyricism, style and character.

The dudes have very distinctive deliveries and unique drawls and accents that could not be mistaken for anyone else. They have good flows and chemistry, working very well together. “Get Shit Crackin” has a few truly classic cuts like “I’ll be Good”, “Show”, “Another Molly”, “H.O.S” and “First Night”, while the rest of the songs are pretty good too, so it’s actually a pretty consistent body of work.

It’s probably one of the finest albums to come from the East Coast Region in recent months. It’s a great album for the car and the summertime, and it’s very entertaining.

This album sets the mood for any on the road situation. Whether you drinking, smoking, got a little shorty in the ride with you, or you doing something you don’t have any damn business doing, It hardly gets any better than with “Get Shit Crackin” in your player.

I can’t stress enough on how great the production is too, the beats are pure banging magic.  I also like the way GSCtheWOLFPACK combine emotion with pure, raw talent and lots of melody. The breath control, sharp words, and often witty lyricism are a force to be reckoned with, even by wordy east coast emcee standards.

The group logo
The group logo

At times, these cats get deep, and you can’t help but think that their venting on this album is a mental mind release. Dig beneath the surface and listen to the lyrics. You will find that these two dudes are quite intelligent. You can have a critical listen to about every track and it will hit home somewhere.

GSCtheWOLFPACK also gives the perfect example for other acts to follow on this album. When they’re dealing out lyrics, they are not preaching to you but they are giving knowledge through experiences and situations they see.

All throughout, the production and the rhymes definitely stand out. This collective may cater a little for the mainstream, here and there, and that’s fine, but they never overdo it for the love of underground heads. Overall “Get Shit Crackin” is an ultimate riding album, easy listening, superior flows and potent lyrics, as GSCtheWOLFPACK flexes their performance talents.

GSCtheWOLFPACK also has a GoFundMe campaign, so if you want to part of their growth, donate to their account HERE.


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