Project Grand Slam: “The Rescue” from the upcoming album, “The Queen’s Carnival”, out August 19

Project Grand Slam, the acclaimed jazz-rock fusion band led by bassist/composer Robert Miller, has the first single from their upcoming full-length album, “The Queen’s Carnival”. This single, “The Rescue”, draws from a variety of influences and highlights Miller’s unique approach to blending jazz and rock into a totally new sound.

“The Rescue” has been a fixture of recent Project Grand Slam live shows and is already a proven crowd favorite. Let me get right to it: “The Rescue” is one of the coolest, smoothest, funky jazz-rock instrumental singles of the year so far. There, I said it.

Robert Miller
Robert Miller

Why should you get this record? First off, even though it is jazz based, and it is played at a very high level, this music is surprisingly accessible. It simply has great saxophone hooks, a fat funky beat, and a collaborative vibe that is nothing less than infectious. So if you’re thinking elitist, inaccessible, uncompromising, musical meandering, you can get that out of the way right now!

Project Grand Slam plays a sound that just about anybody can enjoy and relate to. Yet they take no musical shortcuts in achieving that – talent, performance and production, is all first rate. It’s just that Miller and the boys do not over-elaborate.

They flesh out the core of a groove and work it until you’re smiling from cheek to cheek out of sheer rhythmic exhilaration – the funky guitar sets things alight, then the drums and bass set in, followed by the keyboards which adds a shiny shimmer to the proceedings, then finally the sax brings the melody to your attention, from there on out it’s s total feel-good vibe that’s really hard to resist, if you have a little soul in you. If you don’t feel it, check your pulse rate!

“The Rescue” is smoking on all levels – it has soul, it has groove and it has passion. Percussive and punchy, Project Grand Slam let loose here, capturing all of their dynamic energy and flow – the soaring sax, the brilliant inventive keyboards and the super funky guitar; the result is some serious fun for music lovers.

If this is the prelude for what to expect from the upcoming album, then we will be in for fireworks on the 19th of August when the full-length album, “The Queen’s Carnival”, will be upon us!

Project Grand Slam
Project Grand Slam

More About Project Grand Slam:

Project Grand Slam – the brainchild of bassist/leader/composer Robert Miller – continues to create and perform their brand of jazz-rock fusion at the highest level. PGS’s third album, “Made In New York”, was released in September 2015 and featured two hit singles, “New York City Groove” (Robert’s love letter to his NYC home) and “Fire” (Robert’s re-imagined version of the Jimi Hendrix classic).  Both singles featured 2013 “The Voice” semi-finalist Kat Robichaud on vocals.

The band and Kat also filmed videos for “Groove” and “Fire” that have been viewed over 150,000 times to date. The reviews of the album and “Fire” were incredible, with words like “fantastic”, “damn fine album” and “hard to resist” for the album, and “superb”, “brilliant”, “excellent”, “stunning” and “unbelievable gem” for “Fire”.

Robert originally formed Project Grand Slam in 2007. PGS’s first two celebrated albums, “Play” (2008) and “Spring Dance” (2012), had two top radio singles – “The Captain Of Her Heart” (feat. Judie Tzuke on vocals) from Play, and “Catch You Later” from Spring Dance. The band also had a featured role in the hit NBC-TV series “Lipstick Jungle” starring Brooke Shields and Kim Raver, with five of the band’s tunes featured in the soundtrack.

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