Cinco Santos: “Un poco de ti”- a fantastic fusion of musical elements!

Cinco Santos began its journey in Los Angeles CA in the year 2007, when guitarist and composer Lorenzo Montero (Canadian-Spanish), began searching for musicians for the project, joining vocalist Daniel Jimenez (Colombia), with whom he had already worked with in the rock band Roxing Café.

Soon after, Mexican guitarist Willard Lozano joined in. As a trio they created the foundations for the album “Duplicidad” co-produced with Shawn Sullivan (The Mars Volta, Reel Big Fish). In the final phase of production Emiliano Almeida (Argentina) and Jesse Stern (USA) joined the band to form the quintet that has remained together until today.

From the album, “Duplicidad”, Cinco Santos has released the single “Un poco de ti”, which translated should read “A little bit of you”. American audiences have long been catching onto Spanish language music.  There is a hook to Cinco Santos’ style that makes the crossover in media very easy.

The album cover
The album cover

The melodic singing style plays against a backdrop of a blend of electric and acoustic rhythms. The lead voice is one that makes an unfamiliar song sound at once quite familiar. The best illustration of this phenomena is the chorus in “Un poco de ti” which once you have heard it will stay your brain for days and become a part of you.

It is as though you have heard the song before, somewhere. I guess this is why this type of track is called “radio friendly”.

Cinco Santos is tight in a loose way for a relaxed groove that fluctuates between a Latin-influenced guitar rhythm, acoustic bliss and in general a soothing bit of pop-rock artistry. The soothing, airy melody and ease of listening make it pleasurable any time of the day.

I don’t understand most of the lyrics too well, but that doesn’t matter; the music is universal and speaks to the soul. This is just a fantastic fusion of musical elements. Another great thing about this record is the crisp mixing and mastering.

You can actually hear the words (even if you don’t understand them yet!) and the wonderful melody, as well as sense feel rhythm, as opposed to so many rock and roll bands that do nothing but blast away in a wish wash mud-bath of sound.

Personally I think there is much in the world, including music, which is very mediocre. If you like songs that have a little depth, elements that your soul can feed on, yet at the same time can be a fun and captivating listening experience. This music fits that description. And Cinco Santos knows how to deliver it. These guys deserve to hit it big and I think they will!


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