Jha’Marie: “You Don’t Have To Be Rich” – a rapid maturity!

Jha’Marie has quickly become one of my favorite rappers, ever since I heard her single “Bad Chick” about a year ago. And despite what many think after a first glimpse of the lady, she doesn’t get by just on her voluptuous you know what and stunning looks. She definitely can rap, and she has upped her game even further this time around on the new single, ‘You Don’t Have To Be Rich’.

She gives the listener a look into her personal feelings about true love that most never hear in rap songs today. She stays true to the hiphop culture while the game is being populated with rap hookers and clones of rap hookers.


She flows hard and comes with tight lyrics, the beat is tight, and Amanda Jones delivers a great, heartfelt vocal hook. What more could you want from an emotional, slow-jamming hip hop song like ‘You Don’t Have To Be Rich’? Jha’Marie finds comfort in rap’s colorful past – she looks back while surging forward, with her own blend of influences.

Look hard at the history of hip-hop, and you won’t find many female artists with the charisma or flow that she has. In this short while that I’ve been following her, Jha’Marie has for the most part seemed to push not only the visual but also the aural boundaries of her music.

Moreover her musical maturation has been a rapid process and profound process, considering how her lyrical content has moved to a higher level.

Throw that together with her his asserted sensuality that deftly flips the masculine boilerplate ribaldry on its head, and you know that Jha’Marie is holding a winning lottery ticket in the palm of her hand.

There is a sense of autonomy in her music, because she is forging her own path and it just may turn out to be the kind of path a lot of people want to travel on. She has rapped about sex with good-natured raunch in the past, she has toyed with her appearance to emphasize the stylish unreal over the supposed ideal.

She has widened the spectrum of what a woman is able to accomplish as an artist in an era where the mainstream culture is drowning in angry-young-male machismo.

Now she goes one step further on ‘You Don’t Have To Be Rich’, and sings about being in love and demanding true love in return, and she sounds like nobody but herself while she is doing it. Jha’Marie always does things that are different and it’s really a breath of fresh air each time. Lyrically she expresses female independence mixed with strong passionate tension, and a lovely dollop of emotion.


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