Vblock Dutch: “Go On Get It” ft. JRock – a raunchy cathartic exhale!

Vblock Dutch is a record producer and Hip Hop and Dancehall artist from Kingston, Jamaica, now living in the DMV. As the CEO of VBE (Vblock Entertainment), Dutch is responsible for the careers of several top up-and-coming hip hop artists signed to his company. His latest project, which is set to drop 01/17 – ‘Kingston 11’, a 14 track cd, written, produced and performed by Dutch, is touted as being his best work to date showcasing his dancehall, singing and rapping skills. In the meantime Vblock Dutch has dropped the fiery banger “Go On Get It” ft. JRock.

The upcoming project
The upcoming project

Vblock Dutch has had his name out for some time now and he has been compared to some big names, including Biggie and Buju Banton. Since 2004, Dutch has steadily been living up to the hype that has been surrounding him. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Vblock Dutch, because when you listen to “Go On Get It” ft. JRock, it’s like you’re having a convo with one of your friends.

He’s genuine, and you feel it in his music. And that relatability is an important piece of his artistic armament. Vblock Dutch is an amazing artist with an amazing range – he can go from an anthem like club popping, dancehall crowd pleaser to a thought provoking, inspirational hip-hop track.

Go On Get It” ft. JRock is a raunchy sex-charged cathartic exhale. The track is vesseled by a mood-wrenching, dark instrumental which, as it turns out, soundtrack the title and artwork rather appropriately. These production elements weave through a sonic maze of eerie synths and a thudding kick drum, and come dangerously close to matching the infectiously catchy rhymes that Dutch is spitting.

Vblock Dutch, like many men cruising for sex and validation, is eager to leave listeners with only the most extravagant impression of him: “Tits n booty oversized / Tats on her back n her thighs / Already my dick on da rise / You gon get a Jamaica surprise.”  I believe his details and find him compelling.

Vblock Dutch
Vblock Dutch

In Dutch’s braggadocio, there is vulnerability, truth, and consequences: “Forget when they say – ‘u ain’t got wut it takes’ that just hate speech like Trump use / Just keep movin ahead.” And that’s what separates him from the rest.

Honestly, it’s hard not to love this song, regardless of whether you like the subject material or not. It is so fresh and the verses are pure fire. All backed by a broiling production which bubbles and bounces with intensity. The featured JRock also does a great job in bringing an extra flavor to the already spicy hot single.

I think it’s safe to say that as long as Vblock Dutch continues to put out quality music like this, I wouldn’t be surprised to keep hearing his name in conversations with Notorious Big and Buju Banton.


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