GI Jane: “Hood Sadiddy” represents a woman who knows what she wants!

Tares Croft aka GI Jane was born in Greenville, S.C., Tares has always had a strong passion for music. She is passionate about all genres but her roots lay in 90’s Rap and R&B. Inspired by artist such as Lil Kim and Left Eye, she has dedicated herself to becoming a major fixture in the music industry. She has a strong desire to express to other women the importance of knowing their worth.  That they can be strong, self-sufficient, and most of all stay humble and true to themselves.

gi-jane-300Joining the Mackhouse Empire artist development group has given GI Jane the opportunity to do what she loves; making music that empowers women and stirs the universe as a whole.

The new EP from GI Jane, entitled “Hood Sadiddy”, takes her to another level for 2016. Every track here has something different and the beats on all of them are tight.

The lyrics are fire and the topics and styles rotate so there’s something for everyone! It makes it hard to get bored with this recording easily.

People who weren’t fans before might be converted after hearing this. While many of her colleagues and peers might have to watch out on the charts during the next few weeks.

I’d be lying if I didn’t mention that much of my love for this EP stems from its squatting-over-your-face raunch. GI Jane uses the ‘pussy’ word better than most. This is urban poetry for the hungry, horny, and bold…but mostly for the respectful.

No respect means no pussy, that’s clear from track one, “Bad Mamma Jamma”.  GI Jane’s lyrics are powerful and she raps like she means it. Moreover, unlike many of peers she doesn’t need feature artists to help push her EP… GI Jane is what makes this EP attractive.

And you get the full effect of her flow and lyrical firepower on the title track, “Hood Sadiddy”, primarily for her skill behind the mic and her confident, over-the-top persona which allows her to rap free of any conformist shackles.

gi-jane-300bShe gets all soulful and slinky with her sing-song rap style on “Rolling Stone” which is packed with groove. GI Jane’s soulful vocals and clever raps would serve to be strong enough on its own, but the whole project becomes a super-powered collective with the tight beats and all-round production levels, which hits it peak on the sexy “Ticket”.

GI Jane represents a woman who knows what she wants, she exhibits her spiked attitude by aggressively showcasing her strong songwriting skills and superb vocal talents, which can also be savored on the closing tracks, “Loose Change” and “Mo Bitches”.

I am very impressed with GI Jane, especially with her never-ending creativity and sense of beat. She is one of the most talented up and coming young women in the underground industry.


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