Coherer: “Survival”- a hi-tech soundscape!

Coherer is an electro project by Steve Netting, launched in 2008, and inspired by artists such as Anthony Rother and Gerald Donald. Netting who is based in Swindon UK has previously played with Caffeine Kill (UK industrial rock) and Rammlied (UK’s Rammstein tribute) but has returned to his long standing love of electro.  Since releasing 2 EP’s in 2012, the Coherer project has moved ahead with new releases each year. Currently Coherer is promoting the single “Survival”, released earlier this year.

Coherer is one of a number of artists who are pushing pure techno and electro forward in a time where the clubs are ruled by commercial EDM, trance and house. “Survival” is one of those tracks where every sound is necessary and vital. There’s no fluff here, and no pointless plugin exercises.

coherer-profileThe warm, mutated and filtered synth tones are in wonderful abundance. Whatever techniques Coherer uses, this music is cutting-edge, but miles away from the laptop claustrophobia of the clicks, cuts and loops scene.

The machine intelligence theme and high-tech vibe isn’t simply a gimmick, it is Coherer experimenting and pushing boundaries. Give this single a try and you’ll understand. The music really sounds like something coming from some advanced civilization from another galaxy.

Burbling, neoprene washes of lush synths pass through a banging electro beat constructed of some as-yet unknown materials. The percolating synths navigate through the empty spaces like laser beams communicating between themselves. You could easily get lost in these sounds.

“Survival” sounds less aggressive, than most other techno pieces and is more fully rounded, and reliant on the force of the sounds for its intense atmosphere. Needless to say this hi-tech soundscape should be heard by everyone, as Coherer creates some of the most visionary electro around. The production is reminiscent of the classic electro era, with a vintage synth but sounds more futuristic than dated.

After the initial listen, the track tends to blend together into something familiar, but the deeper you dive into it, the more rewarding and confounding it becomes. Coherer carefully crafts its electro-fueled techno for the at-home headphone aficionado while still maintaining a unique style all its own.


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