Mercedes Nicole: “Golden Gate Breakaway” – raw talent with refined musicology!

I love all the music of Mercedes Nicole. I like the fact that she turns left, then right, goes jazz, looks to soul, sings the blues, and then heads to the middle sometimes. Like much of her music each release has a completely different feel and sound. Those of you that want a repeat of the past may not be completely satisfied but each new experience will take you someplace wonderfully different. I like that and to me, that makes her unique. It will also keep her around for our enjoyment for a long time.

mercedes-nicole-ggg-coverMercedes is a consummate professional, an undeniable force of study and skill, raw talent with refined musicology – meaning that she can sing damn near anything and make it soulful, and give it feeling. Mercedes is also a humble, polished performer who never lets her own ambition cloud her purpose -performing brilliant, deceptively simple and beautiful music.

Her latest Rhythm and Blues single “Golden Gate Breakaway” delivers us a more rhythmic, wiser offering that I’m still finding nuances about. Mercedes’ voice here is like clarity of mind; it’s the soft, gentle breeze of summer upon which all of the sweet scents of the earth are carried.

Whenever you listen to Mercedes Nicole you never realize what style you’re listening to – you simply know it is extraordinary. The caliber of each musician on this single is phenomenal, especially Delvon Lamarr on Hammond B-3 Organ, and Mercedes herself forges a vocal delivery that is all at once smoky, rich, warm and intimate as she effortlessly rides atop the foot-tapping beat.

If you want to hear Mercedes in all of her splendor then your wait is over. “Golden Gate Breakaway” is sweetly and thoughtfully arranged. It offers us Mercedes Nicole at her best. Just kick back, put your feet up on the coffee table, close your eyes, listen and wonder.

That Mercedes is getting into a bluesy mood for the holiday season is confirmed by the re-release of “Reading My Christmas List”, along with what Mercedes says is her favorite song since childhood – “Please Come Home For Christmas”. Mercedes is right at home with these two; she’s as assured as ever, sophisticated and tender.

I’ve always thought that her voice would be perfect for Christmas songs, so I was extremely excited and eager when I saw these titles. Her soulful and emotional style gives these holiday songs a heartfelt and warm feeling to them.

mercedes-nicole-ggg-680MORE ABOUT: Mercedes Nicole is an American-born acoustic blues & Jazz singer –songwriter. She grew up in Long Beach California and currently resides in Seattle Washington.  Nicole music has stayed number 1 on the Number One Music Charts, and the top 10 playlist on Reverb Nation for over 22 months.   She has headlined on major stages of Demetrio’s Jazz Alley, The Triple Door, Westport Blues Festival, Panache Music Festival and numerous festivals and events throughout the country.

Critics say she is an exquisite blend of Contralto, Soprano and Alto.  Think Carmen McCray, Ruthie Foster, Irma Thomas, with the conviction of Mahila Jackson and Eric Bibb, whom she calls ‘Messengers from God”. Mercedes is a member of the Washington Blues Society, and the American Songwriters Association (ASCAP).


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