Heavy AmericA: “Pray For Me” – hard hitting rock with a twist of philosophy!

The last time I heard a track by this band was in 2015.However this new single, “Pray For Me”, might rank as my favorite Heavy AmericA song. Their sound continues to evolve, but they still have the same hard hitting riffs and catchy lyrics as they have always had.  This band has matured and progressed along the way to develop itself into a strong presence. One of the things that makes Heavy AmericA so great, is their diversity in rhythm, melody and style. Really impressive vocals, outstanding guitar and bass work, with incredible rhythm and percussion, all of which takes it cue from seventies and nineties rock.

This is a hard hitting rock band with a twist of philosophy. The lyrics are new and vibrant, you will be delighted. From the unrestrained passion and angst that singer Mike Sequin wraps around every syllable on “Pray For Me”, it’s clear the band’s time recording, since their last release, was put to good use.

Heavy AmericA is living proof that today’s musicians need not plague their songs with profanity in order to make powerful, emotive hard rock. Mike Sequin, Dan Fried  and Budd Lapham achieve something most bands wished they could…they just play rock music, without all the frills and fuss.

The song is laden with fullness in its sound, with memorable guitars, noteworthy vocals which put forth a good deal of emotion, and a catchy groove. All round, the song is quite captivating and takes care not to go overboard. Heavy AmericA’s music is dark and a tad melancholic in its own way, laden with regular song structures, crunchy guitars and memorable vocal melodies.

As of late I’ve been a little disappointed with the alternative and hard rock scene since nearly every new band has started to copy old ones either in similar styles or even vocals. Half the time you can’t tell the difference between the bands and sometimes when old favorites release new albums it’s almost like they are playing the same song on repeat.

To be honest, I was not afraid that this would be the case with Heavy AmericA’s since their songs have always been steeped in the classic sound. And they’re more of an original than a copy. Musically, the band’s sound takes listeners back to the early days of rock.  They blend together the best of those works, while creating new dynamics that are fresh, interesting and familiar at the same time.

Their songs have a dark and heavy vibe with a lot of soaring melodies and a wide variety of textures. And as a trio they manage to craft rich haunting sonic atmospheres that draw you instantly. Heavy AmericA has their new Album due out in Spring 2017.


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