Jay Elle: “Rising Tide” is full of heart and soul!

Jay Elle’s debut EP, “Rising Tide” was recorded with the backing of some of the best studio talents in NYC, including, Margaret Dorn, Wayne Pedzwater, Jett Harris, John Dubs and Byron Estep. You can tell from the first song on this EP that it’s going to blow your mind. And it only gets better. The songs are soulful and the lyrics meaningful. Jay’s guitar playing is spot-on and his tone on the acoustic is sometimes beautiful.

It is refreshing to see/hear an artist that doesn’t play to trends and isn’t afraid to create organic music in an electronic dominated industry. Jay’s voice ranges from beautifully soulful to raspy and urgent.

The songs are well written and performed with so much passion that you can’t help but feel the artist’s pain, joy, longing and arousal. From the brooding and atmospheric title track “Rising Tide”, to the nostalgic and tender “Twelve On Sunday”, and the crunching rawness of “You Got Away”, or the all-out rock anthem “All Through The Night”, and finally the riff-ridden power of “Way Down The Road” which also forges a dynamic guitar solo.

For anyone who thought the art of the singer-songwriter, died somewhere along the line, don’t worry. It’s in good hands with Jay Elle, although you wouldn’t know it by the lack of airplay. Unless you have satellite radio, or frequent the large underground market, you won’t hear this kind of music without hunting it down by yourself.

I have just discovered Jay Elle and am thrilled with his music. It’s been awhile since anyone has come along with his energy and force, and without the usual hype and presumptuousness that contaminates most of modern popular music.

Everyone’s trying to be ‘epic’, have a bigger sound and a slicker production, totally forgetting the absolute necessary basics of a good song. Jay Elle cuts it down to meaningful lyrics with a message and tuneful melodies which enchant the ear, and he does this without sacrificing fully layered, fleshed-out arrangements or a rich production.

It could be compared to a beautiful woman wearing a lusciously deep red lipstick, which avoids the cheap shiny gloss and speckles of superfluous glitter. Jay Elle is the real deal if you like your music shaken, but not stirred!

All in all, this EP rocks, and is full of heart and soul. I have listened to it many times, and it has kept my interest and enthusiasm al the time. The up-tempo jams are tempered by the mid-tempo and soulful ballads. making it a well-balanced listen.


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