Zev & Chloe George: “For The Night” – a sweet, uplifting musical gem!

I am blown away by Zev & Chloe George and their creation, “For The Night” which showcases sharp electronic artistry, an ear for melodies and great vocals. I absolutely love the twists and turns that the song comes up with musically. All the little details are incredible and add up to pure perfection. The piece is layered with brilliant combinations of sounds and rhythm and harmony that work together so well.


It is pure magic for the ear, and pretty much unexpected considering that this release got off the ground after writing and self-producing “For The Night” as a class project at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute, after which Zev & Chloe George decided to release it as a single.

Zev & Chloe George shares the songwriting and vocal credits while Zev was responsible for the production. The two are brilliantly clever songwriters with a creative, quirky streak a mile wide. Though the song has all the key points found in most catchy electro-pop singles, “For The Night” is in its own little universe, and you cannot help but feel completely elated whilst listening to it.

Zev has an endearingly clean and melodic voice to which Chloe George’s vocal is a perfect match. The two don’t skip a note, tone or timbre, in their smooth uplifting deliveries which will captivate the attention of just about any type of music lover, regardless of preferred genre or style.

“For The Night” is vocally so easy on the ear due to its powerful yet elegant melody, while Zev’s music production has no rough edges or overwhelming instrumentation. The bass and percussion though intense, sit comfortably underneath the frothily warm key pads and twisting effects in the chorus section.

Chloe George
Chloe George

It begs to be listened to with quality headphones or in the car with the stereo turned up to maximum just to catch all the cleverly crafted notes flying at your auditory cortex from every direction. I’ll readily admit that I’ve already become a Zev & Chloe George fan after just this one single release.

You don’t need to hear volumes of music or explore vast catalogs of sound to appreciate that Zev & Chloe George have hit the proverbial nail right on the head at the very first go. Many don’t achieve the level of production and performance quality these two independent artists forge on their first single, in a lifetime of work.

Whether Zev & Chloe George are just an overnight collaboration or have plans to continue their joint venture remains to be seen, in the meantime they have given us a sweet, uplifting musical gem, to cherish and enjoy, until the summer anthems come along!

OFFICIAL LINKS: Twitter: @ZevTroxler – Instagram: @zev_troxler -Contact: zwt206@nyu.edu and @chloegeorgemusic

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