ALECARD: “You Were The Fire” feat. Makoto – a crowning achievement!

ALECARD has produced music for artists in his hometown of Bogotá, Colombia as well as in Miami, and after writing many songs for the Latin Market, he decided to record his own material. ALECARD’s roots dig deep into electronic and pop music, having been influenced by One Republic, Calvin Harris and Max Martin. His debut single, “You Were The Fire” feat. Makoto represents a crowning achievement of his production skills.

It shines thanks to its distinctiveness; it possesses more personality than the multitude of electronic tracks currently climbing up the Top40 Charts. The enthusiasm an energy transpiring from the single is nothing short of infectious – it’s capable of making your worst day feel like the ultimate blessing.

Driven by malicious, growling and edgy synths as well as resonating pianos, the percussion keeps things smartly paced as Makoto twists, turns and soars with a tremendously powerful and soulful vocal that is absolutely scintillating in places.

There are big pop hooks and breakdowns here, as well as a strong sense of what must be ALECARD’s personality. The swirling, building, and punching beat induces the urge to sway or jump around no matter where you are. And if you can’t do that, you can always sing along to the strong melody.

Equipped with an inspiring title and a hypnotic melody, I would be surprised if people don’t latch onto this song. ALECARD seems to fully understand how to best use the talents of his collaborators, in this case Makoto, while at the same time letting his own originality and skill come to the fore.

Easily digestible and extremely exciting, “You Were The Fire” feat. Makoto is sparkling on the first listen and completely adorable on the second.  By the third listen, you’ll probably be looking up any other material by both ALECARD and Makoto, probably forgetting that this is ALECARD’s debut single…it’s that good!

The realm of EDM has faced a lot of adversity and criticism, since its origins, but it has blown up the music world. It has dominated the charts, music festivals, and playlists everywhere. It has become so hugely popular that new artists emerge every day from their Soundcloud accounts.

However, it seems that only those who truly understand the universe of EDM and popular music in general, are the ones who make it really big. ALECARD of Bogotá, Colombia, gives me the impression that he can be one of those artists!


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