Introducing The Smokey Lonesome: A Fresh Blend of “Garage Country”

Mark your calendars for June 28th, 2024, as that’s the day when music enthusiasts will be treated to a refreshing EP titled “Desert Run” from the dynamic duo known as The Smokey Lonesome. Led by veterans of the Los Angeles music scene, Dave Porter and Natalie Fratino, this “garage country” ensemble is set to unveil a collection of five songs inspired by the vast expanse of the Mojave Desert.

**The Talented Duo Behind the Music**

At the helm of The Smokey Lonesome are Dave Porter, showcasing his prowess on vocals, guitars, and percussion, and Natalie Fratino, who brings her unique touch to vocals, electric and stand-up bass, percussion, Wurlitzer, and accordion. Joining them are additional talents including Dennis Fetchet on fiddle and Kevin Jarvis on kit drums for select tracks.

**Crafting a Unique Sound**

The Smokey Lonesome’s music is a seamless fusion of country twang and the driving energy of rock ‘n’ roll. Stripping down their sound to its raw essence, Porter and Fratino form the backbone of the ensemble, drawing from their 16 years of performing together to create a rhythm that captivates listeners.

**Inspiration From the Desert**

“Desert Run” serves as The Smokey Lonesome’s inaugural recording, with all songs penned by Porter and Fratino, except for “Frontera,” which received collaborative input from friends. The EP channels the spirit of the Southern California desert, capturing its vastness, solitude, and occasional moments of magic and beauty both in lyrics and melodies.

**Recording Journey**

Recorded at the Sonic Boom Room in Venice, CA, and produced independently by the duo, “Desert Run” is a testament to their collaborative spirit and dedication to their craft. With assistance from Kevin Jarvis, who not only engineered the recording but also contributed percussion and played drums on select tracks, the EP took shape with a vibrant energy and a shared vision.

**Musical Diversity**

Each track on “Desert Run” offers a distinct flavor, from the grungy opening of “Frontera” to the mellow introspection of “Arid Blues.” Fratino takes the lead on “Sleep Cowgirl,” delivering vocals reminiscent of renowned songstress Sally Timms, while Porter brings his storytelling prowess to the quirky ballad “Desert Run.”

**Innovative Instrumentation**

A notable aspect of “Desert Run” is the absence of a traditional drum set. Forced to adapt due to scheduling conflicts, The Smokey Lonesome transformed this setback into an opportunity, with Fratino’s expertise in Brazilian percussion shining through as she crafted rhythmic layers to complement the duo’s dynamic sound.

**Defining “Garage Country”**

Fratino aptly describes The Smokey Lonesome’s sound as “garage country,” a nod to their roots in rock ‘n’ roll infused with country sensibilities. Their music exudes a rawness and authenticity that sets them apart, reflecting their Southern California upbringing and diverse musical influences.

**Bringing Americana to Life**

Above all, The Smokey Lonesome aims to entertain and connect with audiences through their love for Americana music. With “Desert Run,” they invite listeners on a journey through the desert landscape, evoking emotions and memories with each soulful note.

As the release date for “Desert Run” approaches, anticipation builds for this exciting new addition to The Smokey Lonesome’s repertoire. Mark your calendars and prepare to embark on a musical adventure through the heart of the Mojave Desert with The Smokey Lonesome.

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