Sismo: “We Crash And Burn” – set to take the electronic stage by storm!

Led by French songwriter and guitarist Xavier Cevrin, Sismo is a collaboration between international talents. Their first single “We Crash And Burn”, was released on February 6, 2017 by Gun Records, a Belgian based label known for its work with Syndicate of Law. The track was produced with the help of Kilah, a dynamic duo featuring Lorena Cabral and Roger Flores both very active on the music scene. It is now time for French label Future Play to take the promotion to another level. “We Crash And Burn” is just one of those immediately catchy dance anthems that demands you hit repeat until you recruit new listeners.

Music is truly an interesting art form. Like paintings in an art gallery, it is subjected to various opinions and perceptions yet they all cause us to do one thing; make our minds stir with imagination and create imaginary worlds all by experiencing this one piece of art. If that holds true for music, then the members of Sismo are truly artists.

The most incredible thing about Sismo is that they have this wondrous ability to magically transmit electronic sounds from a computer and various peripherals into an emotion-inducing adventure heard through your ears and experienced by your heart. That is true artistry, the ability to create something and induce emotion.

We Crash And Burn” has a lot of pop-crossover potential and is extremely radio-friendly, but this doesn’t stop the track from going incredibly hard for dance-floor honors. At the same time the soundscape does an amazing job showcasing Sismo’s ability to seamlessly blend uplifting synths with heavy basslines and banging drums. Add in the mellow to soaring vocals, and you have a formula that spells perfect EDM.

We Crash And Burn” is a deep house anthem that perfectly embodies the journey that Sismo is getting ready to take us on in future releases. The track is all about the decline and end of a relationship. The uplifting synths, piano embellishments, and sweeping orchestral parts, when combined with the passionate and melodic vocals, as well as the ever shifting percussion makes for one of the most beautiful and inspiring tracks this side of New Year.

Sismo might be a new name for most of us, but rest assured this collective is set to take the electronic stage by storm. As a new fan, I can say that I have extremely high hopes for this single. “We Crash And Burn” is one of those songs whose main chorus will get stuck in your head for days. It is crossover dance songs like this that strike a chord in the hearts of partiers, rebels, lovers and college students everywhere!


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